The Dynamics of Higher Education Development in East Asia: Asian Cultural Heritage, Western Dominance, Economic Development, and Globalization


Deane Neubauer, Jung Cheol Shin, and John N. Hawkins (eds.)

International & Development Education


New York: Palgrave Macmillan

Available From: Palgrave Macmillan
Publication Date: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-137-35826-4
Binding: hardcover
Pages: xiv, 219


This book examines four theses regarding higher education and development in the Asian region: the interplay between cultural traditions, economic development, globalization, and the evolution of the "hybrid" university. Top scholars from around the world evaluate how closely these hypotheses resemble present circumstances and policies and seek to determine the elements making up Asia-Pacific higher education and shaping the region's education history.


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  1. Introduction: Four Hypotheses of Higher Education Development

    Part I Cultural Tradition and Higher Education Development
  2. Higher Education Development in East Asian Countries Focusing on Cultural Tradition and Economic Systems
  3. Between the East and the West: Challenges for Internationalizing Higher Education in East Asia
  4. East-West? Tradition and the Development of Hybrid Higher Education in Asia
  5. Situating Higher Education in China: From Universal History to the Research Paradigm

    Part II Economic Development and Higher Education Development
  6. Meeting Point of the East and the West: Globalizing or Localizing Higher Education in East Asia
  7. Cultural and Historical Factors Influencing the Development of Higher Education in Thailand

    Part III Globalization and Higher Education Development
  8. The Globalized University as the Next Stage in Higher Education Development
  9. Globalization Practices in Asia Pacific Universities
  10. Structural Transformation of Japanese Higher Education: Adopting to Meet Challenges Posed by Globalization and Market Economy
  11. Conclusion: Is There an Asian Hybrid University?


"This book examines the internal workings of higher education development in six East Asian countries from an insider's point of view. Although many books on higher education systems attempt to conceptualize higher educational development from a Western perspective, this volume is one of the rare efforts to put higher education into a broader and historical context, one that reminds us that there are indigenous roots to universities and colleges in the Asian Pacific region; and it succeeds quite well in doing so."

-- William K. Cummings, Professor, International Education and
International Affairs, George Washington University, USA


"The Dynamics of Higher Education Development in East Asia brings together a robust collection of authors who challenge the assumed ontology of higher education in East Asia. Globalization, history, culture, economics, and development are all sides of the phenomenon examined in this volume. The geographical coverage is broad and appealing, but the analysis is acute and in-depth. Anyone studying or researching higher education in the global context will enhance their work by considering these chapters. The tools, typologies, hypotheses, and perspectives work together to make a significant contribution to the study of higher education in this region."

-- Christopher Collins, Associate Professor, Education,
Azusa Pacific University, USA