The New Environment for Malaysia

Asia Pacific Bulletin


Washington, DC: East-West Center

Available From: August 7, 2018
Publication Date: August 7, 2018



Thomas Daniel, Analyst at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies in Malaysia, explains that “In Malaysia’s May 2018 elections, foreign policy appears to have been a significant part of the campaign.”
Prashanth Parameswaran, Senior Editor at The Diplomat Magazine, Washington, DC, explains that “The advent of a new government could result in some shifts in how the Southeast Asian state conceives of its security environment, how it finances and structures its military, and how it aligns with external actors in the region and the world.” 
Tham Siew Yeanl, Senior Fellow at ISEAS, Singapore, explains that “There are dimensions to China's investment that may not be so obvious to the public eye.”
Dr. Hanizah Idris, Head of the Department of Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Malaya, explains that “Asian container trade accounted for almost 60 percent share of world container throughput... Malaysia has adapted quickly.”

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