Transformations in Leadership, Volume 1, no. 1

by Carl Polley and Wow Krittiyawadee Pongpanich (eds.)

Transformations in Leadership

Publisher: Honolulu: East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program
Publication Date: Spring 2007
Binding: paper
Free Download: PDF


This inaugural issue of Transformations in Leadership, the journal of the East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program, is a compilation of thoughts, ideas and inspirations that have resulted from the shared experiences of students from more than 14 different countries who came together to better understand the true meaning of leadership.

Leadership is a lifelong journey, and constant within the process are the personal transformations that one goes through. Creating change requires endurance and exceptional will power to overcome obstacles that stand in the way. Through their studies, the students have seen numerous examples of miraculous changes that were a result of one ordinary person who decided to stand up for his/her beliefs. They learned that, as leaders and followers, one is morally obligated to speak out and stand up for what one strongly believes. This journal reflects only a fraction of the personal dialogue that has contributed to their self-growth within their time in the Leadership Program. The students hope that their work inspires you as much as it has inspired them, and invite you to join them in taking action and making a positive transformation for yourself and those around you.