Washington Report, March 2009

by U.S. Asia Pacific Council

Washington Report, No. 2

Publisher: Washington, D.C.: East-West Center, U.S. Asia Pacific Council
Publication Date: March 2009
Binding: electronic
Pages: 9
Free Download: PDF


Rep. Howard Berman (D., California), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, set forth an ambitious agenda for the 111th Congress. It includes broad programmatic improvements, such as reforming the U.S. foreign assistance system and enhancing the personnel capabilities of civilian foreign affairs agencies. It also includes challenges caused by the global economic crisis, the deterioration of the environment, the behavior of certain rogue nations, and the economic and political rise of China.

Among other insights, Chairman Berman proposes that the United States draw on the lessons that Asia learned from its economic crisis in the 1990s as we endeavor to turn our own economy around. He also emphasizes the importance of continuing to engage China in tackling economic, political, and security challenges in Asia.


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