Research Team

Principal Investigators




Dr. Jefferson Fox (Principal Investigator), Senior Fellow and Coordinator of Environmental Studies at the East-West Center, will lead the research on habitat alteration and assist with the research on agricultural change. He will oversee the project and coordinate the work with co-investigators in Hawaii and Vietnam.


Dr. Jim Spencer (Co-PI), Associate Professor in Urban and Regional Planning and Director of Globalization Research Center at the University of Hawaii Manoa, will lead the research on urbanization and peri-urbanization.


Dr. Sumeet Saksena (Co-PI), Fellow at the East-West Center, will lead the research on agricultural change.


Dr. Melissa Finucane (Co-PI), Senior Fellow at the East-West Center, will lead the research on perceptions of and responses to risk. She will also supervise the management and analysis of the household survey data in collaboration with Dr. Ian Pagano.


Dr. Bruce Wilcox (Co-PI), Professor in the Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology, and Pharmacology at the University of Hawaii Manoa, is P.I. on an NSF funded IGERT Traineeship program in Ecology, Conservation and Pathogen Biology. Dr. Wilcox will supervise the IGERT student associates funded through this grant and work with our Vietnamese counterparts in Hanoi.


Dr. Tran Duc Vien (Co-PI), Rector Hanoi University of Agriculture, will supervise the work of our Vietnamese counterparts and assist Dr. Fox in managing the project. Drs. Tran Duc Vien and Jefferson Fox have worked together on collaborative projects since 1997.


Senior Personnel


Dr Nancy D Lewis , Director, Research Program, East-West Center.


Dr. Zhe Li , Spatial Technology Specialist at the East-West Center will manage the spatial database, manage and analyze remotely sensed images, and lead the analysis of spatial data. He will collaborate with Drs. Finucane and Pagano on managing/incorporating the household data into the overall database.


Dr. Ian Pagano , Biostatistician in Cancer Research Center at the University of Hawaii, will advise on and lead the quantitative analysis conducted during the project.


Dr. Durrell Kapan , Assistant Research Professor in the Center for Conservation Research and Training and Head of the Applied Evolutionary Ecology and Population Unit in the Asia Pacific Institute of Emerging Infectious Disease, John A. Burns School of Medicine, Univ. of Hawaii, will assist Dr. Wilcox in supervising the IGERT student affiliates.


Dr. Michael Epprecht, Research Scientist, Swiss National Center of Competence in Research, is based on Hanoi. He will lead the collection, management, and analysis of spatial datasets in Vietnam. He will coordinate with Drs. Fox and Li.


Dr. Nguyen Thanh Lam , Chairman, Department of Environmental Technology, Faculty of Land Resources and Environment, Hanoi University of Agriculture and Executive Director of the Center for Agricultural Research and Ecological Studies (CARES).


Dr. Nguyen Huu Nam, Dean of Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Hanoi University of Agriculture, will supervise the 10 Vietnamese enumerators hired to conduct by Hanoi University of Agriculture to conduct household survey in 1080 households.


Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan, Lecturer, Hanoi University of Agriculture.


Dr Nguyen Van Dinh


Dr Trinh Dinh Thau


Dr Michael DeGregorio