Innovation, Economic Integration, and Growth

Innovation, economic integration, and growth are vital for the establishment of a peaceful, prosperous, and just Asia-Pacific community. Through research and dialogue, scholars at the East-West Center investigate:

Trade and Innovation within Global Networks: Transforming US-Asia Relations. East-West Center research on trade and innovation within global networks examines how global transformations interact with national innovation policies both in the US and across Asia. The objective is to provide informed policy suggestions on how to minimize any negative effects on economic growth or employment and on how to share the benefits of science, technology, and other innovation through enhanced US-Asian cooperation agreements. A related collaborative project focuses on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, an ambitious effort to sustain and invigorate America's economic linkages with the dynamic economies of the Asia Pacific region.

Economic Policy Issues: Joint Project with the Korea Development Institute. The East-West Center and the Korea Development Institute (KDI) have collaborated for more than 30 years in the publication of an annual series of studies on economic policy. Topics in recent years have included international financial regulations, social policy, and problems of long-term stagnation and deflation.

Rebalancing China's Political Economy. This research project focuses on China’s attempts to make a transition from export- and investment-driven growth toward a more domestically centered model based on internal consumption, rising incomes, and environmental sustainability.

Community-Building Activities on China's Internet. Focusing on the messaging app, WeChat, a mobile application that has grown to include more than 400 million active Chinese users, research considers how the formation of small virtual communities is affecting the course of Chinese social, political, and economic development.

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