Below are descriptions of archived research projects at the East-West Center. Although the Center is not conducting research on these topics at present, interested colleagues may wish to learn about the work that was done, find related publications, and contact staff members who worked in these areas in the past. To learn more about current research activities at the Center, go to the Research Projects page.

Air Pollution and Poverty: Archived Project -
Research aimed to contribute to the introduction of Air Quality Management (AQM) policies that take into account the impact of air pollution on the poor and the manner in which the poor cope with air pollution.
Asia Pacific Governance and Democracy Initiative (AGDI): Archived Project -
Active from 2008 to 2018, AGDI undertook policy-relevant research, organized capacity development and senior-level dialogues, and published books and policy briefs on important governance and democracy topics in the Asia Pacific region.
Asia Pacific Security Outlook: Archived Project -
Between 2001 and 2008, the East-West Center conducted an annual survey of key scholars and policymakers on the security environment in the Asia-Pacific region.
Comparative Study of Information Technology Parks in Asia: Archived Project -
This project compared investment policies related to information technology (IT) parks in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, and India and analyzed the impact of these parks on economic development and the role of U.S. investment.
Demographic Transition in China: Archived Project -
Demographic and health specialists at the East-West Center have worked over many years with national partners in China on issues of fertility decline, attitudes and behaviors of rural-urban migrants, and the accuracy of China's population estimates.
East Asian Trade Interdependence: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Archived Project -
Collaborative research analyzed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement and evaluated its likely impact on the Asia Pacific region and the United States.
Energy Markets in the Asia-Pacific Region: Archived Project -
Past research at the East-West Center focused on a range of energy policy issues in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and other regions, with special emphasis on oil and natural gas.
Environmental Effects on Health in India: Archived Project -
This project examined the effects of air pollution, sanitation, water quality, and other environmental factors on health in India.
Fertility Transition in Asia: Archived Project -
Fertility research at the East-West Center has shifted focus over the years from the evaluation of government efforts to lower fertility in high-fertility countries of Asia to the causes and consequences of very low fertility and government efforts to raise fertility in many Asian countries.
Free-Trade Areas between the United States and ASEAN Countries: Archived Project -
This study examined the prospects of a Free Trade Area between the United States and ASEAN countries, with a focus on Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
Innovations in Early Life-Course Role Transitions in Japan: Archived Project -
Based on Japan's 2000 National Survey on Family and Economic Conditions, this project explored the potential for diffusion of four types of innovative behaviors: non-marital fertility, cohabitation, remaining unmarried throughout childbearing years, and use of childcare centers for very young children.
Management of Internal Conflicts in Asia: Archived Project -
This multiyear project conducted by the East-West Center Washington office investigated the domestic, transnational, and international dynamics of internal conflicts in the Asia Pacific and explored strategies and solutions for their peaceful management and eventual settlement.
Modernization and Emerging Infectious Diseases: The Case of Avian Influenza in Vietnam: Archived Project -
Collaborative research has looked at whether the risks and perceptions of risk associated with highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) are associated with processes of modernization.
Natural Resources and Violent Ethnic Conflict in the Asia Pacific: Archived Project -
The project featured an interdisciplinary workshop bringing together scholars who focus on ethnic conflict, and those who study resource conflict.
Okinawa Research Initiative: Archived Project -
The East-West Center, supported by the U.S. and Japanese governments, has helped strengthen research and educational exchange with Okinawa Prefecture in Japan.
Policy Responses to Low Fertility: An International Comparative Study: Archived Project -
The East-West Center led a collaborative study to improve understanding of fertility decline in 18 highly developed countries around the world and to consider the implications for policies and programs in such areas as education, labor markets, pension systems, and healthcare.
Population Dynamics in India and other South Asian Countries: Archived Project -
This collaborative project examined the causes and consequences of persisting high levels of fertility and infant/child mortality in India and other South Asian countries.
Population Momentum and Population Aging in Asia and the Near East: Archived Project -
The objective of this study was to document the rapid growth of older populations in Asia, to address key issues and topics related to aging, and to assess the implications for programs and policies.
Poverty Alleviation, Rural Development, and Trade: Archived Project -
This project focused on how economic policies are affecting poverty and wage rates in developing countries in Asia.
Rebalancing China’s Political Economy: Archived Project -
Research focused on China’s attempts to transition away from development based on extensive growth that relies on exports, low wages, and environmental exploitation to intensive growth driven by rising investment in new technologies, enhanced wages and skills, and improved worker and environmental protections.
Rural-to-Urban Transitions and the Peri-Urban Interface: Identifying, Mapping, and Understanding Peri-Urban Areas in India and Pakistan: Archived Project -
A two-year collaborative research initiative brought together scholars, students, and professionals from India and Pakistan to collect and integrate socioeconomic and ecological data with information from remotely sensed images and thematic maps. Data were analyzed to assess environmental and human-health issues and related governance challenges.
Searching for a New Role in East Asian Regionalization - Japanese Production Networks: Archived Project -
The project explored how Japanese electronics firms have transformed their Asian production networks over the past decade and how this is affecting East Asian regionalization in the electronics industry.
Shifting Terrain: The Domestic Politics of the US Military Presence in the Asia Pacific: Archived Project -
The project objective was to understand how and why the presence of US forces in Asia is affected by domestic political change and to suggest how alliance policies can better address citizen concerns.
South Asian Security Issues: Archived Project -
The purpose of this project was to inform the U.S. public and policy audiences about the ongoing tensions among and within South Asian countries.
Trade and Innovation within Global Networks: Transforming US-Asia Economic Relations: Archived Project -
Research focuses on three areas: (1) Mega-regionalism—new challenges for trade and innovation; (2) China’s innovation policy and its impact on economic relations with the US; and (3) Innovation and trade policies and corporate strategies in India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia, all major exporters of information and communications technology.