Natural Resources and Violent Ethnic Conflict in the Asia Pacific: Archived Project



The purpose of this project was to bridge the analytic gap between scholars who focus on ethnic conflict and those who have focused on resource conflict. Work began with a comparative interdisciplinary workshop on the relationship between natural resources and violent ethnic conflict in the Asia Pacific region, held at the East-West Center in Honolulu in March 2005. Financial support for the workshop was from the U.S. Institute for Peace.




The project featured case studies where both ethnic and resource grievances are present. During the workshop, each case study was presented by two authors, one working in each of the two traditions, each of whom wrote a separate paper. The papers were published as a special issue of Asia Pacific Viewpoint.

Related Publication

Fox, Jefferson, and Glenn Banks, eds. (2008). Natural resources and violent ethnic conflicts in the Asia Pacific region. Asia Pacific Viewpoint 49(1 special issue): 1–135.


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