South Asian Security Issues: Archived Project



The purpose of this project was to inform U.S. public and policy audiences about the ongoing tensions among and within South Asian countries. The focus was on the conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, but the civil war and peace process in Sri Lanka and Maoist insurgency in Nepal also received attention. The project contributed to ongoing policy dialogue around these issues through op-ed pieces and conference participation.

Selected Publications

Swamy, Arun R. (2004). Back to the future : The Congress Party’s upset victory In India’s 14th general elections. Occasional Paper Series. Honolulu: Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies.

Swamy, Arun R. (2003). Hindu nationalism: What’s religion got to do with it? Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, Occasional Paper Series. Honolulu: Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies.

Swamy, Arun R. (2003). Déjà vu all over again?" Why dialogue won't solve the Kashmir dispute. AsiaPacific Issues No. 56. Honolulu: East-West Center.

Op-ed Pieces

Swamy, Arun R. (2002). Watch for more tension. International Herald Tribune. Oct. 18.

Swamy, Arun R. (2002). A chance to avert war over Kashmir. International Herald Tribune. June 8.

Swamy, Arun R. (2001). India-Pakistan: Washington better hurry up and mediate. International Herald Tribune. Dec. 26.

Swamy, Arun R. (2001). America needs India and Pakistan, but it can’t satisfy both. International Herald Tribune. Oct. 8.

Swamy, Arun R. (2003). South Asia's "tit For tat" adds little to peace. East-West Wire. June 28.

Swamy, Arun R. (2002). Powell treads water in South Asia, still makes waves. East-West Wire. July 31.

Swamy, Arun R. (2002). Monitoring Kashmir border remains best hope in India-Pakistan standoff.” East-West Wire. June 12.

Swamy, Arun R. (2002). Indian government’s handling of riots could lead to instability. East-West Wire. March. 12.

Swamy, Arun R. (2001). US diplomacy urgent, difficult In India-Pakistan standoff. East-West Wire. Dec. 18.

Swamy, Arun R. (2001). Terrorism coalition caught in Kashmir crossfire. East-West Wire. Oct. 1.

Swamy, Arun R. (2001). Self-deception surrounds India-Pakistan summit. East-West Wire. July 13.

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