Research on the East-West Wire


In 2017, the East-West Center Research Program began publishing two-page summaries of current work in the East-West Wire series. New titles are available through email subscription or from links below, either by download from the News section of the East-West Center website or as print-friendly pdf files.

What Happens to the Natural Environment when a Rural Community Joins the Global Economy? (16 March 2018) • Web versionPDF version

Jokowi and Duterte: Do Local Politics Apply? (12 February 2018) by Ehito Kimura and Erik Martinez Kuhonta Web versionPDF version

Former US Special Envoy: Beneath the Rhetoric on North Korea, Humanitarian Aid and Rights Advocacy Are Still Important Tools (29 November 2017) • Web version PDF version

How Will China’s Industrial Modernization Plan Affect Workers? (16 October 2017) by Boy Luethje • Web version • PDF version

Will Population Aging Squeeze Government Budgets? A Look at the US and Japan (2 October 2017) • Web version • PDF version

It’s Time to Hurry History on Women’s Economic Equality (25 August 2017) by Amanda Ellis • Web version PDF version

New Priorities and Challenges for America’s Pacific Military Command (15 August 2017) • Web versionPDF version

Initiated in 2011, the East-West Wire is a news, commentary, and analysis service provided by the East-West Center in Honolulu. Any part or all of the Wire content may be used by media with attribution to the East-West Center or the person quoted. Access to the full list of East-West Wire articles is available in the News section of the East-West Center website at East-West Wire.