The East West Center hosts a number of Visiting Fellows each year, both in Honolulu and at the Center’s office in Washington, DC. The Center also occasionally welcomes Visiting Scholars through partnerships with sponsoring institutions or programs (such as Fulbright Fellows) or individuals with self-supporting arrangements. Visiting Fellows and Scholars undertake research and work on publications in collaboration with Center staff or conduct independent research projects focused on the Asia Pacific region and related to priority areas within the Center’s Research Program.

East-West Center in Honolulu

The East-West Center in Honolulu offers several opportunities for scholars to conduct research at the Center:

  • The POSCO Visiting Fellowships Program invites outstanding scholars and policy makers to engage in policy-relevant research on political, security, and socio-economic issues in Northeast Asia. The annual application deadline for these fellowships is December 31.
  • The Center's Visiting Scholars Program enables scholars who do not need financial support to conduct research at the East-West Center. The annual application deadline is March 31. Priority is given to scholars whose proposed research is related to one of the Center's three Research Program areas:
    • Environment, Population, and Health
    • Innovation, Economic Integration, and Growth
    • Governance, Security, and Justice
  • East-West Center Visiting Fellowships provides support for scholars to undertake research and publication in collaboration with East-West Center staff on selected research themes or on an independent research project related to one of the three Research Program areas. The Center is currently not taking applications for the Visiting Fellowships program. Please check back later regarding the status of the Visiting Fellowships.

Current, Incoming, and Recent Visiting Fellows and Scholars in Honolulu

East-West Center in Washington D.C.

The Washington D.C office of the East-West Center also offers Visiting Fellows programs and hosts self-funded or externally funded Visiting Scholars. For details please visit the East-West Center in Washington Visiting Fellowships webpage, or write to

East-West Center Policy

All awards, grants, and fellowships offered or administered by the East-West Center, including extensions, are subject to cancellation by the Center.  Reasons for such cancellation include but are not limited to lack of funds, change in the institutional or program focus or direction, or insufficient support personnel or resources.  Additionally, international, federal, state, private, or other granting authorities may have their own specific conditions for extension, cancellation, or revocation of awards, grants, or fellowships, which the East-West Center will administer.

Please be aware that if you will need a J-1 visa for your participation, there is an English-language proficiency requirement. You will need to provide ONE of the following:
1. Proof of passage of a recognized English language test
2. Signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school
3. A documented interview conducted by the East-West Center in-person or by video-conferencing (phone interviews will be accepted if video-conferencing is not available)