EWC Seminars Live


Designed for multinational journalists and informed audiences, EWC Seminars Live is a bimonthly webinar and briefing series that seeks to inform, connect, and source media stories.

The EWC Seminars Live webinars provide increased exposure and interconnectivity among media professionals and experts via globally accessible speaking events. Many webinar themes have been sourced from a recent survey of over 165 journalists and are open to all registrants.

The EWC Seminars Live briefings provide on-the-record access to newsworthy experts, government officials, business executives, civil society leaders, and artists in an interactive and engaged online format. The briefings are intended to build American and international journalists’ networks and inspire future story ideas.

EWC Seminars Live webinars and briefings are unrestricted and open to the public, in addition to journalists and freelancers from across the globe.

For information on upcoming webinars and briefings, and to register, visit www.eastwestcenter.org/ewcseminarslive.