North Pacific Arctic Conference (NPAC) Fellowship


Sled with dogsThe North Pacific Arctic Conference (NPAC), co-organized by the East-West Center and the Korea Maritime Institute, is holding its eleventh annual conference virtually October 31 – November 6, 2021.  This innovative conference provides a venue for off-the-record engagement among policymakers/practitioners and scientists/analysts regarding Arctic issues of mutual interest to leading North Pacific Arctic states (Canada, Russia, and the United States) and non-Arctic states (China, Japan, and South Korea). NPAC aims to provide early identification of key policy issues and improved understanding of major options for addressing these issues in the context of the Arctic Council and elsewhere. All six states are members of the G-20. Together, they account for more than 50% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions as well as a large share of global commerce.

Funds are available to support the participation of a small number of competitive Early-Career Arctic researchers, policy makers and practitioners as NPAC Fellows. They will join a group of world class international researchers and policymakers in addressing contemporary issues affecting the Arctic. This year the NPAC theme is: Science, Technology and the Path Forward for a New Arctic. NPAC Fellows will have the opportunity to interact with these thought leaders and actively participate in the Conference sessions. There will be a Pre-Conference Session designed especially for NPAC Fellows and the opportunity to discuss follow-on activities during that session and over course of the Conference.

2021 NPAC Thematic Sessions:  II. North Pacific Perspectives on Arctic Science and International Cooperation; III. Integrating Science and Policy to Adapt to Climate Change Impacts; IV. New Frontiers in Marine Technology – Will They Support a Blue Economy?; V. Technological Dimensions of Arctic Governance; VI. Arctic Futures and the Pathway Toward NPAC 2022



Early-career researchers/professionals apply for a fellowship to participate in:

The 11th North Pacific Arctic Conference

      Sciecne, Technology and the Path Forward for a New Arctic

October 31-November 6, 2021

To apply, send:

  • A two-page biosketch that must include contact information, education, and professional experience;
  • A letter of recommendation from someone familiar with the relevance of your work to the Arctic
  • A 700 word statement related to ONE of the five NPAC Thematic Sessions (see below*). The questions are ones being used to shape session content. Based on your interests and expertise, choose to respond to one of the two questions associated with  one of the sessions 2-6.
  • Send application materials to the Conference Secretariat at the East-West Center: [email protected]

Eligibility: Early-career researchers or professionals (five years or less post Ph.D. or terminal degree), or advanced graduate students with professional research experience that is relevant to the Arctic, of any nationality.

*2021 NPAC Thematic Sessions:  Please respond to ONE of the questions for ONE session.

Session 2: North Pacific Perspectives on Arctic Science and International Cooperation

  1. What are the outstanding challenges in Arctic international scientific cooperation?
  2. What is the policy relevance of new knowledge and large-scale Arctic scientific collaboration?

Session 3: Integrating Science and Policy to Adapt to Climate Change Impacts

  1. How can we integrate the contributions of natural science, social science and Indigenous knowledge to gain greater insights regarding the impacts of climate change?
  2. How can science contribute to making informed decisions regarding policy responses as a result of climate change?

Session 4: New Frontiers in Marine Technology – Will They Support a Blue Economy?

  1. How can new technologies for the commercial world contribute to more environmentally sustainable Arctic business?
  2. Do new technologies embody risks for coastal communities and conflicts with other uses of marine resources?

Session 5: Technological Dimensions of Arctic Governance

  1. Do technological developments (e.g. ships capable of operating year around under Arctic conditions) generate new challenges for Arctic governance?
  2. Can new technologies (e.g. better systems for assessing fish stocks or identifying rule breakers) facilitate the implementation of Arctic governance systems?

Session 6: Arctic Futures and the Pathway Toward NPAC 2022

  1. What are the key challenges in the next decade to a sustainable Arctic future?
  2. How should the thinking about these issues influence our thinking about the main themes of NPAC 2022?

Important Dates:

Applications due: September 20, 2021

Announcement of Fellows: October 1, 2021

Logistics: This will be a virtual Conference.  As participants will be from most international time zones, efforts will be made to make it as convenient as possible for the participants in each individual session, although we encourage all participants to engage in as many of the sessions and discussions as possible.  This worked very effectively in 2020.

Pre-Conference Session for NPAC Fellows:  At the start of the Conference, the NPAC Fellows will participate in a session designed especially for them to provide a venue for introductions and a very short description of their work, lean about the history and aims of NPAC and explore what they hope to gain from engaging in the NPAC process. During the conference they will participate fully and be asked to share their views on relevant topics and engage all participants to the degree possible in a virtual meeting.

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