Journalism Fellowships

Journalism fellowships and exchanges for working American and Asia Pacific journalists promote understanding of the complexities of the Asia Pacific region through study tours. Intensive dialogue with colleagues, government officials, business executives and community leaders provides participants with a means to broaden their network of contacts.

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On-going Programs

*Please note that all program dates and application periods indicated below may be shifted as needs arise until the program is announced.


  • Asia Pacific Journalism Fellowships: For American journalists; study tour to Taiwan.  By invitation-only.
  • Chaplin Fellowship in Distinguished Journalism: For distinguished American and Asia Pacific journalists; delivering major address at the East-West Center.
  • China-United States Journalists Exchange: For Chinese and American journalists. Chinese journalists travel to three cities in the United States; American journalists travel to three cities in China. After their study tours, all journalists meet for dialogue to conclude the program. 
  • International Media Conference: held every two years in major Asia Pacific media hub. Offers a professional networking opportunity for journalists from the US, Asia and Pacific to discuss key issues in the region and common challenges and trends in media. Includes updates from journalists and experts plus media workshops.  June 24 - 27, 2018 in Singapore.
  • Jefferson Fellowships: For Asia Pacific and American journalists; study tour to destinations in the continental United States and Asia Pacific region based on program theme. Tentatively June 18 - July 10, 2018.
  • Korea-United States Journalists Exchange: For Korean and American journalists. Korean journalists travel to three cities in the United States; American journalists travel to three cities in South Korea. 
  • Regional Journalist Dialogues: Biennial 3-day dialogues for journalists from neighbor countries to discuss important and often sensitive regional issues and how regional media coverage can be improved.
  • Senior Journalists Seminar: For senior journalists from the United States and countries with substantial Muslim populations; study tour destinations in the United States and abroad are intended to enhance media coverage and elevate the public debate regarding identity and religion’s role in and resulting impact on the public sphere, specifically as it concerns U.S. relations with Muslim majority regions. Tentatively September 3 - 27, 2018.
  • US Presidential Election Reporting Seminar: For mid-career journalists; study tour to report before, during and after the US presidential election from key states in the American electoral system.

Past Programs

  • Improving Cross-Border Reporting: Pakistan-India Journalists Exchange and Dialogue
  • Pakistan-United States Journalists Exchange: For Pakistani and American journalists. Pakistani journalists travel to the United States; American journalists travel to Pakistan. All journalists meet at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii for dialogue sessions before and after the program. Program concluded in 2014.
  • Disaster Management and Resiliency Journalism Fellowships: For mid-career journalists with a minimum of seven years of experience in journalism; study tour destinations to the US, Japan and China to introduce journalists to a broad range of disaster management activities as well as post-disaster challenges to political, economic and energy resiliency.
  • Health Journalism Fellowships: For Asia Pacific and American journalists; study tour to select countries in the Asia Pacific region to look at infectious diseases and other health issues.
  • Japan-United States Journalists Exchange: For Japanese and American journalists. Japanese journalists travel to three cities in the United States; American journalists travel to three cities in Japan.
  • US Journalist Training Practice for Chinese Journalists: For Chinese journalists.  A US study tour to learn about journalism education, media organizations, and current issues.
  • US Professional Exchange for Korean Journalists: For Korean journalists.  Study tour to three cities in the US to gain insights into the many diverse American perspectives that shape the Korea-US relationship.
  • US Study Tour for Chinese Journalists: For Chinese journalists. A one-week study tour to Washington, DC and one other city in the US to gain insights into the contemporary issues of the US as well as the US-China relations.