Health Journalism Fellowships


Health Journalism Fellows meet with Ministry of Health officials in Vietnam.The Health Journalism Fellowships focus on infectious diseases and public health issues in Asia. The program is open to journalists from the US, Asia and the Pacific and includes a study tour in Asia and a post-travel dialogue among participants. The past three programs have taken journalists to China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia. Participants meet with medical and public health specialists both inside and outside of government; community leaders; farmers and businesses; academics; journalists and others to learn how Asian countries are dealing with infectious diseases and what they can do more effectively. Print, broadcast and online journalists can apply.

The purposes of this fellowship are:

  • To educate journalists about infectious diseases and public health issues; how countries can prevent the spread of infectious diseases within their borders as well as future pandemics through regional and international cooperation; and media’s role in this prevention.
  • To enhance the quality and quantity of media reporting, writing, editing, and broadcasting in health care journalism for the general public and for trade publications.
  • To develop a strong and vibrant community of journalists concerned with all forms of health care journalism.
  • To raise the stature of health care journalism in newsrooms, the industry, and the public as a whole.

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