Building the Foundation Program

Professional Development Program
for Asia Pacific Resource Managers

New pragmatic approaches to training resource managers in the developing countries of the Asia Pacific are essential to successfully maintaining sustainable resources. Resource management is becoming increasingly global in context, and managers are facing major challenges as they struggle with issues that involve a complex and often controversial mix of economic, environmental and social/cultural priorities. The East-West Center's Building The Foundation Program assists developing countries in the Asia Pacific in building effective resource management regimes by providing managers with enhanced leadership capabilities and a broader awareness and knowledge of emerging issues in the region that are impacting their valuable natural resources.

Designed as an ongoing professional development initiative that focuses on one resource sector at a time, the Building The Foundation Program is comprised of a nine-day Leadership Seminar conducted at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, followed several months later by a Follow-On Issue Forum organized elsewhere in the region. The Building The Foundation Program was launched in the summer of 2003 with a Leadership Seminar for Pacific Island Fisheries Managers.

Subsequent Leadership Seminars were held for Pacific Island Water Managers (July 19-29, 2004) and Managers of Pacific Island Disaster Management Offices (October 18-29, 2004), and for Managers of Pacific Island Electricity Authorities (summer 2005).

Leadership Seminar

The Leadership Seminar emphasizes specific building blocks critical to developing and implementing informed and effective responses to the current and future challenges faced by senior resource managers. Seminar activities include practical, applied skills, tools, strategies and benchmarking techniques: occupational job-task analysis; critical/expansive thinking and problem-solving; leadership theories and the role of culture; and experiential team building and decision-making.

The Seminar also offers resource managers opportunities to discuss important emerging issues pertinent to their areas of responsibility with colleagues from Hawaii who are directly involved in new research and program development and implementation in the Asia Pacific region. Time is set aside for managers to reflect upon these and other important issues and concerns through open dialogue with their peers, conducted in a comfortable and informal setting designed to encourage the free exchange of ideas.

Prior to the conclusion of the Leadership Seminar, managers are asked to identify and prioritize issues that they wish to explore in more depth. Based on their input, a Follow-On Issue Forum is organized to enable them to discuss selected topics with experts from the U.S. and around the region. The forum is conducted in an environment that maximizes the exchange of ideas and promotes open dialogue.

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