Leadership and Policy Dialogue

East-West Seminars offers short-term dialogue, field study, travel and exchange opportunities for working professionals in politics, government, civil society, business and the media who are in positions to affect policy, shape public opinion and influence change in their countries and communities. Programs provide opportunities for leading professionals from the United States and Asia Pacific to exchange views, build networks, develop leadership skills, and deepen knowledge of regional issues.

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On-going Programs

Changing Faces Women’s Leadership Seminar: 12-day leadership development program for mid-career female business and social entrepreneurs from Asia, the Pacific Islands and the United States based at the East-West Center in Honolulu.  Successful candidates will have demonstrated leadership and innovation in their current and past positions as well as potential to affect change in their communities and influence others.

#galswithLEI offers six interactive workshops focused on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Inspiration followed by an attendee driven open space and a networking reception, which features local female chefs. Workshop panelists and special guests include local established women leaders, bold millennials, and the international Changing Faces women – blending experience, ambition, and passion. 

New Generation Seminar:  Intensive professional development, dialogue and field study program for young (aged 25-40) leaders and policymakers to deepen their knowledge of regional issues, explore policy options for shared challenges, and build an international network. . Participation is through a nomination and open application process.  2017 program dates: September 23-October 1.

US-Japan Exchange Program: Citizen Participation in Community Building Post-Disaster: Through a grant from the Japan Foundation’s Center for Global Partnership, a travel-exchange program has been developed to focus on community participation in long-term recovery after a major disaster. By invitation only.

Past Programs

Asia Pacific Executive Forum: East-West Center research staff share their expertise with groups of business, political and community leaders in cities around the United States and Asia Pacific region in 2-hour luncheon or panel discussion formats. Programs are at the invitation of communities and are typically arranged by World Affairs Councils, Chambers of Commerce, Universities or other community outreach organizations.

Asia-Pacific-U.S. Urban Dialogue: Three-day seminar at the East-West Center in Honolulu Hawaii for city leaders, policymakers, urban planners, civil society and business leaders, experts and scholars from across Asia and the U.S. who shared their experiences and strategic visions for creating more livable cities of the future. Participation was by invitation only.

Australian American Leadership Dialogue: A bipartisan annual private initiative between Australia and the United States. The Leadership Dialogue brings together senior politicians/parliamentarians, entrepreneurs, journalists and academics from both countries to focus on strategic parameters of the bilateral relationship.

Senior Policy Seminar: The Senior Policy Seminar brings together senior and influential policy makers, government officials, private sector leaders, and academic experts from the United States and the Asia-Pacific region for discussions on the economic, social and strategic dynamics and the future of U.S. policy in the region.