Larry E. Smith

Larry Smith embodied the East-West Center spirit of warmth and humanitarianism during his decades as a staff member and in subsequent years as a key leader of the East-West Center support community.  With a background in sociolinguistics, Larry joined the Center in 1970 and retired in 1999 as Director and Dean of the Education Program.   He passed away unexpectedly on December 13, 2014.

The Larry E. Smith Scholarship was established to provide awards for Degree Fellows and Asia Pacific Leadership Program Fellows at the East-West Center with an interest in World Englishes, language learning and culture, linguistics and related fields.

Larry was instrumental in founding the International Association for World Englishes, Inc. and co-founded the World Englishes: Journal of English as an International and Intranational Language. He served as a Peace Corps volunteer, an instructor with the Japan-America Institute of Management Science, a bible teacher and church leader.

Donate online to the Larry E. Smith Scholarship and select “Larry E. Smith Scholarship” for the designation, or send your contribution to:

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(L to R): Hendro Basuki, Sumi Makey, Puongpun Sananikone

On February 17, 2015, more than 40 donors at the Ambassador level and above gathered for the Donor Appreciation Luncheon at Imin Center. 

Ghia Pascual Delapena, a master’s degree student in social work from Guam and recipient of scholarships by Glenna Eshleman, Eddie and Elaine Flores, Buddy and Melga Gendrano, and Trudy and Al Wong spoke on behalf of the students:

The learning opportunities available throughout the East-West Center experience have greatly enhanced my understanding of other cultures and social issues.  It’s amazing how similar we all are but yet very

(L to R): Charles E. Morrison, Ric Trimillos, Barbara Smith

different.  This program has been and continues to be an amazing opportunity to bridge the gap as well as promote cohesiveness between East and West.  We thank you for your continued support, genuine kindness and boundless generosity.

Sumi Makey and Ric Trimillos affirmed their support of the East-West Center.  Sumi created her scholarship because it reflects her deep faith in the EWC student program and that students are our hope for the future.  Ric supports the Arts Program because it is the single major part of the Center that proactively addresses cultural interchange through its rich program of performances, exhibitions, artist in residences, and

Ghia Pascual Delapena speaks on behalf of the EWC students

school workshops.  The Arts Program constantly reminds him how rich and profound each culture is.

In celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, a special performance was given by the Chinese Music Virtuosi, a renowned ensemble from Hong Kong.



Chinese Music Virtuosi
(L to R): Richard Cox, Cynthia J.C. Ai, Ronald Embry


(L to R): Indru Watumull, Sumi Makey, Puongpun Sananikone, Ric Trimillos, 
and Richard Kennedy