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Support the Student Emergency Fund
East-West Center Student Emergency Fund
Help our students during this unprecedented time of need. Many of them are facing unforeseen personal hardships due to COVID-19. Some have lost wages and may have trouble affording basic needs. Others may lack the resources to travel back home or manage medical expenses. Your gift to the Student Emergency Fund will help us give special assistance at times when needed.

Ann Hartman, EWC Dean of Education Programs:
Student Emergency Fund and How You Can Help


Other Ways You Can Help Support Students Now
The needs of the students are constantly evolving as they adapt to their current living situation, and the Education Program is in regular communication with them. There are however, a few areas that remain vital towards the health and wellbeing of the students. First, the East-West Center Participant Association (EWCPA) has created a foodbank to help address food security needs. Because students are finding it more difficult to access markets, items such as fresh produce and perishables, as well as non-perishables are increasingly important during this time. Any food donations are welcome. 

Thank you to the Friends of the East-West Center (FEWC) for their local food drive for the students, during the month of May.       


Second, in order to help keep students safe in the dorms, we are gladly accepting donations of cloth masks. And finally, any words of comfort or support that you would like to offer to the students, we appreciate and will happily send them along to those still in the EWC residences.Thank you to the Friends of the East-West Center, who helped organize donations to the EWC food pantry, who provided a donation of 200 re-usable cloth facemasks which are available for residents to pick up at the Hale Mānoa front desk, and to FEWC president Chad Zane for this lovely letter. 
If you are interested in making a donation of this type, please contact 808.944.7105 or [email protected]. To help ensure the continued safety of our students and community, please contact us before making any donations.

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, the Lucien match challenge has been reached! Mahalo to all who donated!

Due to the lingering uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the student still need your support. Please consider making a donation today.



Mahalo for all that you do to support the East-West Center and its students.