The Exchange


The Exchange is the flagship activity of the East-West Center Education Program, connecting students to issues, ideas, and leaders across the US, Asia, and the Pacific. It is semester-long series of 2-hour evening events, held weekly, that incorporates guest preKenny Endo teaches Taiko technique to participantssentations, performances, activities, and food into a holistic semester-long experience. Each event explores the pressing issues, histories, challenges, innovations, and vibrant cultures that make this region unique. The Exchange is a chance for students and distinguished guests to share their time and their ideas, with each becoming better informed and better connected as a result.

The Exchange program website includes more information about upcoming sessions and a link to RSVP for specific sessions.

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INSPIRE.  Feature presentations by distinguished guests to inspire new thought, creativity, discussion, and action

LEARN.  Showcase topics, performances, and issues of special interest to Hawai‘i, the U.S., Asia, and the Pacific

ENGAGE.  Create a supportive environment where diverse participants can learn from each other’s backgrounds, perspectives, and areas of specialty through group discussions and activities

CONNECT. Serve as a premier event to connect the community of East-West Center students and scholars with broader networks of leadership and expertise across Hawai‘i, the US, Asia, and the Pacific

student discussion


● Prestigious guests, prepped to give creative, non-traditional presentationsHae-in Lee plays Kayagum

● Evening events with a guest presentation, guest performance, and a group activity

● Short presentations of student research and student talk-story

● Filmed and structured so content can be shared with external audiences



The Exchange is held on Monday evenings, from 6:30 to 8:30pm, during the Fall and Spring semesters.



Imin International Conference Center
East-West Center
1777 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 

Thai Curry

The Exchange continues the tradition of shared learning and dialogue that was started by the Wednesday Evening Seminar series.