Graduate Students from 28 Countries Gather for EWC Conference

Grad students from more than 40 universities are presenting their research at the student-run 16th EWC International Graduate Student Conference Feb. 16-18. Sessions are open to the public.

'Asia Matters' Initiative Launches Trump Administration Asia Pacific Policy Tracker

The 'Asia Matters for America' initiative has launched an online resource tracking statements, visits and other developments in U.S.-Asia Pacific relations under the Trump administration.

Building English Skills Together

Teacher-trainers and officials from all 10 ASEAN nations were recently at EWC for English and regional-issues training as part of the Brunei-U.S. English Language Enrichment Program for ASEAN.

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Smart Cities, Smart Students, Tomorrow's Jobs

View video of EWC President Richard Vuylsteke's keynote talk at the opening of the 2017 International Graduate Student Conference on the topic of "Smart Cities, Smart Students, Tomorrow's Jobs." The Feb. 16 address was Vuylsteke's first public talk since taking office.

Sri Lanka Media Minister Decries Nationalistic Coverage in South Asia

Speaking to a group of Indian and Pakistani journalists gathered in Colombo recently for an EWC dialogue on cross-border reporting issues between their countries, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Mass Media called upon corporate media owners in South Asia to stop promoting nationalistic reporting to make bigger profits, saying that such news coverage becomes “part of the conflict” that prevents the region from reaching its global potential. ...more...

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