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  • GandakiPineForest

    The East-West Center has received a $750,000 grant from NASA to study changes in the mountain forests of Nepal over the past 25 years. Led by EWC Senior Fellow Jefferson Fox, investigators seek to document a suspected “forest transition” - the recovery of trees and other plant growth in a previously deforested area - in the country whose mountain forests have sustained the lives of much of its population for centuries. ...more...

  • 3044

    EWC Visiting Fellow Motohiro Tsuchiya writes in a new CFR 'Net Politics' blog post that the Sony cyber attack comes as Japan, armed with a new 'Cybersecurity Basic Law,' seeks to build international partnerships against online threats.

  • 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

    Senior Fellow Denny Roy argues in a recent Asia Pacific Bulletin policy brief that, contrary to the view of many observers, China does in fact have a “grand strategy” to advance its national interests, but it contains “some elements that contradict each other. The result is that a specific Chinese foreign policy might support one objective but at the same time work against another objective.”

  • 3016 Pakistani journalists from across the country gathered in Islamabad recently to reflect and strategize on the future of media in Pakistan at a national alumni conference for EWC’s Deepening Democracy through Media in Pakistan project. The four-year project, funded by the US Embassy in Islamabad, was designed to promote free, fair and responsible media in Pakistan and to help bridge the gaps in understanding between the US and Pakistan. ...more...

  • 3028In this new East-West Center Policy Studies publication, the authors describe how current monastic political mobilization can be understood as an extension of past monastic activism, rooted in traditional understandings of the monastic community's responsibilities. ...more...

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3074 On May 14, 1960, the East-West Center was formally established by an act of Congress, spearheaded by Hawaii’s territorial congressional representative John A. Burns and then-Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson. In signing the legislation, President Dwight Eisenhower said, “I am quite sure [the East-West Center] will be one mechanism through which the friendly states bordering the Pacific Ocean will be brought closer together.”

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3066 Rai Festival, 2014, Nepal. Photo: Navesh Chitrakar
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