EWCA - Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP)
Region : Constituent/Special Interest




Chapter Contact



Chapter Leader

Ms. Melissa Pawneshing
(APLP 2010)
Los Angeles, California, USA
Cell: 562-301-2343






Chapter Officers and Representatives for 2015-2017

President - Melissa Pawneshing
Vice President - Jenny Weinman (G4)
Secretary - Melissa Pawneshing (G10)
Alumni Relations - Matt Berry (G12)
APLP Staff Liason - Christina Monroe (G4)
EWC Relations - Kirk Lange (G2), Gretchen Alther (G12) and Leigh Blackburn (G1)
Website & Communications - Scott Coates (G11)
Regional Committees - Dan Strobel (G14)
Fundraising - Bulgan Mulrun (G6)


Chapter Information

To view this Chapter's quarterly activity reports, go to the EWCA Blog and search on "Chapter Reports."