Analysis Overview


Asia Reacts to... highlights how Asian media are reacting to US politics, policy, and major events (on-line resource)

2016 Presidential Candidates on Asia (on-line resource)

Climate in Context: Science and Society Partnering for Adaptation (book)

Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment (expanded website)

International Criminal Justice and Southeast Asia: Approaches to Ending Impunity for Mass Atrocities (policy paper)

Asia Pacific Graduate EducatioL: Comparative Policies and Regional Developments (book)

A Prognosis of the Paris Agreement (commentary)

Factsheets: El Niño Impacts by Pacific Island and Sector (available for download)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership highlights (more on this site via key-word search)


Asia Matters for America: interactive website with analysis, data, and reporting on the importance of Asia to the United States at national, state, and local levels

Speeches and Talks: videos presenting analysis of critical issues in the US-Asia-Pacific region

Pacific Islands Report: daily news, analysis, and commentary from across Oceania

Publications: most available for free in PDF format

Featured Research Initiatives

  • North Pacific Arctic Conference

    Beginning in 2011, an annual North Pacific Arctic Conference has brought together an international group of participants from the public and private sectors and civil society for discussions around a broad theme, with the presented papers published in a series of proceedings on The Arctic in World Affairs.

  • Spatial Information Laboratory

    The Spatial Information Laboratory is working to develop and increase the use of remote sensing data, geographic information systems (GIS), and global positioning system (GPS) technology for mapping and assessing environmental conditions throughout Asia and the Pacific region, including Hawaii.

  • Forests, Agriculture, and Urban Transitions in Mainland Southeast Asia

    This research initiative studies transitions in forests, cash crops, and urban areas using remote-sensing and socioeconomic data from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, and Vietnam.