Analysis Overview


Asia Reacts to... the 2016 US presidential election results  (on-line resource)


Asia Matters for America: interactive website with analysis, data, and reporting on the importance of Asia to the United States at national, state, and local levels

Speeches and Talks: videos presenting analysis of critical issues in the US-Asia-Pacific region

Pacific Islands Report: daily news, analysis, and commentary from across Oceania

Publications: policy briefs, monographs, and books, many available for free in PDF format

Featured Research Initiatives

  • Economic Policy Issues: Joint Project with the Korea Development Institute

    For more than 30 year, the East-West Center and the Korea Development Institute have organized annual conferences and published book-length studies on economic issues, including international financial regulations, social policy, and the global economic crisis.

  • Family Change in Asia and the United States

    Collaborative research examines attitudes and behavior in such areas as education, marriage, cohabitation, divorce, childbearing, childcare, employment, and relationships with parents and children using national survey data from Japan, South Korea, other Asian countries, and the United States.

  • Policy Responses to Low Fertility: An International Comparative Study

    The East-West Center led a collaborative study to improve understanding of fertility decline in 18 highly developed countries around the world and to consider the implications for policies and programs in such areas as education, labor markets, pension systems, and healthcare.