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Research Staff

Senior Fellow
Infectious disease and behaviorial epidemiology, risk behaviors and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and STDs in Asia and the Pacific; Public policy for HIV/AIDS prevention and care; International collaboration on health issues, children and HIV/AIDS; Modeling of HIV/AIDS transmission and impacts.
Senior Fellow and Director, Asia Pacific Governance and Democracy Initiative (AGDI)
Democratic governance for Human Development in Asia and the Pacific; Civil society engagement, and electoral and parliamentary processes; Cross-border governance, civil service reform, and anti-corruption strategies
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Measuring and evaluating the health of populations; Infant, child, adult, and senior health and mortality; Immigrant and internal migrant health; Fertility and reproductive health in China; Integrated analysis and advocacy to improve HIV/AIDS responses.
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Family and gender issues; Health behavior of adolescents and young adults; Fertility and reproductive health
Senior Fellow
Disaster management and humanitarian assistance programs; Policy and institutions in support of sustainable national and regional development; Social, cultural and environmental impacts of large-scale resource development
Senior Fellow, Research Program. Professor of Law, University of Hawaii. Professor in the Graduate School, UC Berkeley. Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Legal history, international humanitarian law, war crimes trials; human rights.
Research Fellow
Network analysis of climate-change stakeholders in Hawaii and the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands
Adjunct Fellow
Public international law, international economic law and development, international human rights and humanitarian law, international arbitration and dispute settlement, and ASEAN Law
Senior Fellow
China’s industrial and innovation policies and their impact on the U.S. economy; Global production networks and R&D internationalization in high-tech industries and Asia’s emerging knowledge economies; Comparative study of intellectual property rights regimes and standardization policies in Asia (especially China) and the United States
Senior Fellow
412.683.2300 ext.4279
Cognitive, emotional, and socio-psychological factors affecting human judgment and decision making; Cultural values and the perception of environmental and health risks; Climate change risk perception and communication
Senior Fellow
Land cover/land-use change in Southeast Asia; Forest fragmentation and degradation; Community-based management of natural resources in South and Southeast Asia
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Challenges of climate change for Asian cities; Regional impacts of climate and environmental change and adaptation policies; Population, urbanization and development in Asia
Adjunct Senior Fellow
China’s political and economic transformation; China’s foreign trade and foreign investment policy; China’s automobile industry development and telecom policy
Integrated climate, land, and hydrological systems simulation; Applied climate science and climate policy; Effects of climate variability on water supply, agriculture, and natural resources; Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of natural systems modeling
Adjunct Fellow
International humanitarian law, war crimes trials, human rights
Senior Fellow
Globalization and regionalization; Economic relations in the Asia Pacific region; Electricity and telecommunications cooperation in East Asia.
Adjunct Senior Fellow, EWC; Professor of Economics, University of Hawaii
Labor and human resources; Aging and the elderly labor force; Child education and health
Director, Research Program
Globalization and the geography of health and disease; Climate change and health; Gender, health and development
Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Research, networking and capacity building related to climate change adaption in the Asia-Pacific region and changing water conditions associated with climate change in Hawaii.
Pacific Regional Climate Services Director
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Environmental tipping points; Ecological control of mosquito-borne diseases
Senior Fellow, EWC; Professor of Economics, University of Hawaii
Economic development and population change; economic consequences of aging; intergenerational transfers; and lifecycle saving and wealth.
Adjunct Senior Fellow; Chief, Policy Section, United Nations Population Division
Population and sustainable development; reproductive health; HIV/AIDS; and nutrition.
Senior Fellow, Economics; Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Political economy of US trade policy; US economic relations with Asia; economies of Japan, China and Korea; North Korea and the prospects for Korean unification.
Senior Fellow, Economics; Carl J Shapiro Professor of International Finance, International Business School, Brandeis University
Trade, finance and international economic integration; Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC); East Asian/Pacific Rim economies
Senior Fellow, Economics; Professor, Economics, SAIS Johns Hopkins, Bologna, Italy
Economic development in Asia and ASEAN; International economic integration; Asia Pacific regionalism
Adjunct Senior Fellow; Visiting Professor, Khon Kaen University
Upland development in Vietnam; Environmental perception; Sustainable land use; Global environmental policies.
Emeritus Senior Fellow, Population and Health Studies
Populations of Japan, China, India, Nepal; Below-replacement fertility; Fertility and family planning, and infant and child mortality
Senior Fellow
Social demography, marriage, and family change in the U.S. and Asia; Trends and variations in fertility in the U.S. and Asia; Population and the environment
Senior Fellow and Supervisor of POSCO Fellowship Program
Northeast Asian political and security issues
Environmental health impacts of energy use; Environmental statistics and reporting; Science and informed decision making
Pacific Islands Regional Coordinator, NCDC
Climate assessment, risk management, and climate adaptation; Environmental science, assessment and public policy; Ocean and coastal resource management
Adjunct Senior Fellow; President, Global Environment and Energy in the 21st Century
India-Pakistan Cooperation in Environment and Energy; Nuclear nonproliferation issues: Water and security in South Asia; Energy and global climate change.
Adjunct Fellow, EWC ; Sr Fellow for Japan Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
Asia-Pacific international relations, particularly regional security relations. Japanese security planning; theories of international politics and security; Japan's domestic politics; U.S. policy toward Asia Pacific
Deputy Director, Asian International Justice Initiative
International humanitarian law, war crimes trials, human rights
Adjunct Fellow
Chinese culture and identity; The globalization of Chinese cuisine; Politics of national identity in cultural policies.

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