EWCA Southern California Chapter meeting at the home of Dorothy Siddell and Ron Jackson

The EWCA Southern California Chapter conducted a campaign to raise funds for the EWCA Alumni Endowment Fund. An appeal was made to their members - “This is graduation time, so let’s reflect on the benefits we received at the East-West Center and make a small gesture of goodwill to pay back.”

Over $1,000 was raised. Donors included Gary & Bach-Mai Larsen, Reynaldo Garay, Dr. Ofelia Dirige, Telly & Tony Tianco, Claire Langham & Denny Richmond, Jay & Geeta Brara, Ari & Dolly Brara, Chris Sutow, Inge Maranto, Lillian Lew & Prany Sananikone, Nelson & Doris Chou, Edward & Sumako Totten, and Paul & Alma Gardiner.


EWCA President Ned Shultz with 2016-2017 Alumni Scholars

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and community donors, the East-West Center Association Alumni Scholarship Fund has enabled 116 participants from 22 countries to participate in EWC education programs. This year, nine participants from Cambodia, China, Guam, India, Niue, Sri Lanka, Tonga and United States were part of the Center’s Education Program as Alumni Scholars.

Ms. Soksamphoas Im, Cambodia, a doctoral student in Political Science
“I can’t thank you enough for assisting me with your financial support.  The East-West Center community has made me feel at home here.”

Mr. Robert James Moore, USA, a doctoral student in International Management
“We just recently had a baby boy named Charlie.  The scholarship helped address our financial needs, contributing to a situation where we could concentrate on caring for the baby and doing our schoolwork.”

Ms. Elysssa Juline Santos, USA (Guam), a master’s student in Pacific Island Studies
“To our generous donors, gof dångkolo na si yu’us ma’åse [a very big thank you] for your assistance! I come from very humble beginnings where money was hard to come by, but family and support was always abundant.”

Ms. Nipuni Sirimalwatta Vithanage, Sri Lanka, a doctoral student in Botany
“I will return to my country, resume my duties as a teacher in the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, continue my research and join the EWC alumni chapter in Sri Lanka to help the incoming students.”

Mr. Deveraux Folosefilo Palemia Talagi, Niue, a doctoral student in Economics
“Much of my work requires me to run computational models.  The Alumni Scholarship allowed me to buy the computer and software that I needed.  I can’t thank the EWC alumni enough for this.”

Mr. Mohuhano Tuikolongahau, USA/Tonga, a doctoral student in Architecture
"Graduating with a Doctorate of Architecture degree will open entrepreneurial doors for me. I would like to help my country of Tonga with the designing and building of hurricane-resilient houses and be a scholarship donor in the future.”

Ms. Sindhu Vasireddy, India, a doctoral student in Economics
“This scholarship helped me to purchase a laptop and software that I needed to write my third year paper. I will always remember this support and will pass on the kindness you have showed towards us. ”

Mr. Seung Woo Yang, USA, a master’s degree student in Asian Studies
“Knowing that there is a community of supporters behind me kept me motivated, focused, and perhaps most importantly, appreciative of your kindness and generosity.”

Mr. Zhening Zhang, China, a doctoral student in Entomology
“By awarding me the EWCA Alumni Scholarship, you have allowed me to focus on learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. In the future, I would like to pass beekeeping knowledge and skills directly to local farmers and beekeepers in China to help increase their yields.”