Bryan Bushley pictured left

Bryan Bushley spent the last ten years affiliated with the East-West Center as a Graduate Degree Fellow and Student Affiliate while pursuing his doctoral degree at the University of Hawai‘i.  He was truly a global citizen who embraced the participants from all nations and cultures.

Bryan received his doctorate in Urban and Regional Planning in December 2015. His dissertation focused on the value of sustainable forest practices in Nepal. Bryan had a warm and caring personality with a passion for making the world a better place through sustainable resource management.

Unfortunately, his life and his contributions were interrupted by an incurable brain tumor at about the same time that he completed his doctorate.  Bryan died peacefully on June 7th surrounded by his loving family and relatives.

The Bryan Bushley Memorial Scholarship was established as a $50,000 Permanent Named Endowment by his family to support Graduate Degree Fellows and Asia Pacific Leadership Program participants with a preference for those from Nepal or other students who are focusing on Nepal in their studies and to fund student travel grants for EWC student participants.  This scholarship has been created to support others in the continuation of his goals.



(L to R): Arts 'Ohana Chair Richard Kennedy, Richard Cox, and Betty Yao, China exhibition organizer

Because of our generous donors, the Arts Program has enriched the community through performances and exhibitions focusing on traditional arts of the region, and by presenting educational tours by artists who are skilled in bridging cultures.

Richard H. Cox has made a generous gift to support the China Through the Lens of John Thomson, 1869-1872 exhibition, the Treasures of Okinawa exhibition and the Indonesia: Sea of Islands teacher workshop, in addition to providing East-West Center scholarships through the Richard H. and Hester V. Cox Fellowships.

Aqua-Aston Hospitality has partnered with the Center’s Arts Program by providing accommodations for visiting artists, scholars and performers at their hotels on Oahu throughout 2016.

The East-West Center Arts Program was among the 150 charity grant recipients receiving support this year from the Friends of Hawai‘i Charities, Inc. for the Asia Pacific Arts Education Outreach Programs.

East-West Center Arts ‘Ohana membership support makes it possible for the Arts Program to present exhibitions and performances by the finest artists and performers in the Asia Pacific region for audiences of diverse backgrounds and ages.