Education Program

The East-West Center Arts Program presents performances and exhibitions by the finest artists and performers in the Asia Pacific region.

Arts Program

Bridging Cultures and Communities

Since its founding, the East-West Center has recognized the role culture and the arts can play in support of its mission. The East-West Center Arts Program has enriched the Hawai‘i community and beyond through exhibitions, concerts, and educational outreach focusing on arts of the Indo-Pacific region. Artists who are effective in bridging cultures are joined by EWC specialists in reaching out through programs that create better appreciation and understanding of our global community.

The East-West Center Arts Program is supported in part by The Hawai‘i Pacific Rim Society Hideo Murakami Fund for the Arts, Barbara B. Smith Endowment for the East-West Center Arts Program, Jean E. Rolles, EWC Arts ‘Ohana members, Jackie Chan Foundation USA, The Arthur Goodfriend Intercultural Fund, and other generous donors.