East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship: Student Life



In addition to fulfilling degree requirements at the University of Hawai‘i, EWC graduate degree fellows enhance their degree studies by participating in the EWC community and its programs. These required key components include:

Living on Campus at the East-West Center

Graduate Degree Fellows and other EWC scholarship recipients are required to live in EWC Housing, starting from the second week of August.

Located in Honolulu adjacent to the University of Hawai‘i, the Center's 21-acre campus features conference, research, and residential facilities nestled in the heart of beautiful Manoa Valley. Students and other EWC participants are required to live in residence halls that include nearly 500 rooms. Living, cooking and sharing meals together in the residence halls is a vital experience in community building that begins at the Center. Through this residential community, EWC students develop lifelong relationships and a powerful sense of community with others who share an interest in the Asia Pacific region. Further information about the EWC residence halls may be found at our Housing Office website.

Community Building Institute

The East-West Center Community Building Institute (CBI) is a required academic program for participants on new awards. CBI integrates building activities for East-West Center communities with dialogues on concerns related to Asia Pacific issues. More information can be found at the CBI website.

Community Service

Degree fellows are also required to devote 90 hours to community service during their award period (45 hours for one-year awards). Through service learning activities, participants develop leadership skills, and broaden their understanding of Hawai‘i and its multicultural community, and the ways in which transformational change can take place at personal, professional and grassroots levels.

Leadership Development Projects and Internships

Graduate Degree Fellows are required to participate in Leadership Development Projects and Internships. Several internship possibilities are offered each year. Degree fellows in internship programs gain leadership experience in planning and organizing student activities including the International Graduate Student Conference, the Exchange seminar, as well as support and enrichment gatherings.

  • The Exchange is a required gathering of Center participants on a new award in their first fall and spring semesters. Visit The Exchange web page for more information.
  • The East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference is a multi-day conference, organized by graduate degree fellows at the Center and has become one of the premier graduate student conferences in the world. Visit the IGSC webpage for more info. 

The East-West Center Participants Association (EWCPA)

The EWCPA Board is intended to create a vibrant and cohesive participant community that interacts, shares, and appreciates talents, arts, cultures, thoughts, and goodwill. Visit the EWCPA page to learn more about past and upcoming events and activities.