Current Visiting Fellows and Scholars

The East West Center in Washington (EWCW) hosts a number of Visiting Fellows each year, particularly through its annual Asia Studies Visiting Fellowship or other fellowship arrangements. It also periodically welcomes Visiting Scholars seeking a “home base” in Washington D.C. for Indo-Pacific related field work or independent research and writing, through partnerships with sponsor-institutions/programs (such as Fulbright Fellows) or self-supported individual arrangements.
Below is a list of the current visiting experts:


Asia Studies Fellows

Dr. Sujata Ashwarya, Associate Professor, Centre for West Asian Studies Jamia Millia Islamia, India. Research topic: India’s Energy Security and Energy Cooperation with the United States: Optimizing Gains and Moving Forward.
Residency: July through September |Publication| |Seminar|

Mr. Riaz Khokhar, Research Assistant, Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS), Islamabad, Pakistan. Research topic: Reorienting U.S. Pakistan Strategy from Af-Pak to Indo-Pacific.
Residency: April through June |Publication| |Seminar|

Dr. Rebecca Strating, Senior Lecturer, La Trobe University, Australia. Research topic: Defending the rules-based maritime order.
Residency: July through September |Publication| |Seminar|

Ms. Bich "Bella" T. Tran, PhD Candidate, University of Antwerp. Research topic: From Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific: The Prospect of a U.S.-Vietnam Strategic Partnership.
Residency: Late April through Mid-June |Publication| |Seminar|

A complete list of past Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars at EWCW, including links to their publications and seminars completed while in residence, can be found HERE.