Faculty Development Programs

ASDP hosts a range of faculty development programs that are designed to help college and university professors in the humanities and social sciences infuse significant content on Asian cultures and societies into their undergraduate courses. These include summer residential institutes in Hawai’i, workshops on the U.S. mainland, field seminars in Asia, and an annual National Conference. ASDP programs are supported through grants and our offerings vary each year. For information on upcoming programs, use the navigation bar to the right.
Summer Institutes
Japanese Garden at East-West Center
Japanese Garden, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii

ASDP summer institutes are designed for undergraduate faculty, primarily in the humanities and social sciences, and are held at the East-West Center campus in Honolulu, Hawaii. From 2- to 5-weeks in length, these programs blend content-focused lectures with group discussions, film showings and cultural events. They include the annual three-week Institute on Infusing Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum, funded by the Freeman Foundation, to which teams of college and university faculty members are encouraged to apply, as well as programs funded by other sources including the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

ASDP Field Seminars

ASDP organizes three- to four-week long field seminars in Asia, including China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. These programs are intended to provide participants with experiential learning opportunities useful in developing new course materials, and to afford participants possibilities for building networks useful in developing future student-faculty study abroad programs for their own campuses. ASDP field seminars include lectures and discussions hosted at partner universities in the region, visits to cultural sites, government offices, business, industrial and arts centers, and ample opportunities for participants to interact with local hosts and community members.

In addition to ASDP’s field seminars in Asia, as part of the China-US Faculty Exchange Program in cooperation with Chinese Ministry of Education, ASDP has hosted faculty from Chinese universities for travel seminars that focus on American culture and society.