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Message from the Leadership Program Team

We are in touch with our 'ohana and closely watching what is happening in communities globally. Like all of you, we are trying to do what is best during this unprecedented time of change. Many of the lessons we teach, read about and practice at the East-West Center are providing guidance, including the ones that say we will not find easy answers anywhere. Alumni stories of bravery and generosity are motivating us. We have started a new series of online programs to help our 'ohana and colleagues lead wherever they are. Find out about upcoming programs by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Leadership education at the East-West Center draws upon a deep well of experience. For over 50 years, the Center has been working with and cultivating leaders from diverse fields across the region. We have done so through an approach that links high-level content with experiential learning and emphasizes practical application of ideas.  This approach actively engages leadership challenges with diverse cohorts of participants across disciplinary boundaries and confronts assumptions, stretches perspectives, and inspires action.

The ultimate vision of the East-West Center's Leadership Program is the creation of communities of action leading to a more peaceful, prosperous and just Asia Pacific region.  The scope and impacts of these communities are growing rapidly.  Learn more about each Leadership Program by clicking on one of the links below:

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Upcoming Leadership Program Events

Below are the upcoming events from the Leadership Program team. Consider joining one of these opportunities!




July 28-30, 2021 (this is July 29-31 in the Asia-Pacific)

Visit the Gen2 website for more information!

The second annual installment of Gen2 (Gen Squared) is a virtual summit of East-West Center leadership alumni which will bring together people across generations. This generative space showcases and celebrates the variety and diversity in our community. Gen2 offers peer-to-peer collaboration, professional development, leadership learning, inspiration and opportunities to connect.