A New Regional Pacific Voice? An Observer's Perspective On The Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF), Inaugural Summit, Denarau, Fiji, 5-7 August 2013


Sandra Tarte

Pacific Islands Brief, No. 4


Honolulu: East-West Center

Publication Date: August 28, 2013
Binding: electronic
Pages: 6
Free Download: PDF


A new regional body — the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) — was inaugurated at an international conference organized and hosted by the Fiji Government on 5 - 7 August, 2013 and attended by around 300 delegates. The conference theme was "Leadership, Innovation and Partnership for Green/Blue Pacific Economies" and aimed to advance the vision of a "United, Distinctive and Sustainable Pacific Society. The following report examines the processes and outcomes of this event and provides a preliminary analysis of its significance to Pacific regionalism, as well as to the development agenda of Pacific island countries. It begins with an overview of the origins and background of the PIDF.