Counting Women's Work: Measuring the Gendered Economy in the Market and at Home

by National Transfer Accounts Project

NTA Bulletin, No. 11

Publisher: Honolulu: National Transfer Accounts Project
Publication Date: January 2017
Binding: electronic
Pages: 8
Free Download: PDF


The Counting Women's Work (CWW) initiative is measuring the full economic contribution of women, including paid work in the marketplace and unpaid care and housework at home. This issue of the NTA Bulletin describes the project and reports some illustrative results from Ghana, Mexico, Senegal, the United States, and Vietnam. These examples demonstrate how CWW analysis makes it possible to quantify the differences between men and women in market work and wages, the excess total work time that most women spend relative to men, the potential barrier that household responsibilities represent to women's education and career development, and the "hidden" costs of children.