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The East-West Center offers short-term dialogue, field study, travel and exchange opportunities for working professionals in the media, politics, government, civil society, and business who are in positions to affect policy, shape public opinion and influence change in their countries and communities. East-West Center's seminars and journalism programs provide opportunities for participants from the United States and Asia Pacific to exchange views, build networks, develop leadership skills and deepen knowledge of regional issues.

Journalism Fellowships and Exchanges

Since the flagship Jefferson Fellowships started in 1967, more than 3,000 journalists from the United States, Asia and the Pacific Islands have participated in EWC journalism fellowships, exchanges, and dialogues. These programs provide journalists opportunities to gather firsthand information and perspectives in the countries they visit as well as from colleagues who travel with them. These experiences help journalists add nuance, depth, and context to their reporting that help audiences better understand US-Asia Pacific issues. The programs also help journalists build information networks that will serve as reliable resouces for them and their newsrooms. The EWC’s International Media Conference, held every two years in an Asian capital, has become a signature media event drawing hundreds of international journalists.

The East-West Center offers 7-10 media programs every year that focus on bilateral, cross-border, region-wide and international issues. Some programs also include media training. Program requirements vary, with journalists participating through competitive application, invitation or open registration.

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Asia Pacific Journalism Fellowships: For American journalists; study tour to Taiwan. By invitation-only.

Asia Pacific Media and Dialogue Initiative: Engages young leaders, journalists and policy influencers to build information networks, reliable sources and practical strategies for identifying and responding to disinformation throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Program includes Pacific Islands Journalism Tours, Pacific Islands-US Regional Security Dialogue, and Southeast Asian Journalism Tours.

Chaplin Fellowship in Distinguished Journalism: For distinguished American and Asia Pacific journalists; delivering major address at the East-West Center.

China-United States Journalists Exchange: For Chinese and American journalists. Chinese journalists travel to three cities in the United States; American journalists travel to three cities in China. After their study tours, all journalists meet for dialogue to conclude the program.

EWC Seminars Live: For multinational journalists and informed audiences; bimonthly webinar and briefing series that seeks to inform, connect, and source media stories. Ongoing registration.

International Media Conference:Held every two years in a major Asia Pacific media hub. Offers a unique professional networking opportunity for journalists from the US, Asia and Pacific to discuss key issues in the region and common challenges and trends in media. Features exceptional keynote speakers, in-depth issue updates from journalists and experts, and practical media workshops. Next media conference scheduled for 2021, dates and location to be announced. View info from previous conferences.

Jefferson Fellowships: For Asia Pacific and American journalists; study and reporting tour to destinations in the continental United States and Asia Pacific region based on program theme. Scheduled for November 29 - December 20, 2020. Application process for 2020 closed.

Korea-United States Journalists Exchange: For Korean and American journalists. Korean journalists travel to three cities in the United States; American journalists travel to three cities in South Korea. Scheduled for August 23 - September 2, 2020.

Pakistan-India Journalists Exchange and Dialogue: Foster cross-border journalism collaboration through professional reporting trips, dialogues and student/faculty exchanges; develop long-term professional relationships among Indian and Pakistani journalists, media organizations and journalism schools; improve regional news coverage through objective, fact-based, first-hand reporting.

Regional Journalist Dialogues: Biennial 3-day dialogues for journalists from neighbor countries to discuss important and often sensitive regional issues and how regional media coverage can be improved.

Reporting on Cross-Border Issues of Mutual Concern: Four weeklong workshops in 2020 will take Indian and Pakistani journalists to Kathmandu to develop cross-border stories on trade, environment, health, agriculture and water-sharing as well as enhance skills such as data reporting, multimedia and newsroom technology.

Senior Journalists Seminar: For senior journalists from the United States and countries with substantial Muslim populations; study tour destinations in the United States and abroad are intended to enhance media coverage and elevate the public debate regarding identity and religion’s role in and resulting impact on the public sphere, specifically as it concerns U.S. relations with Muslim majority regions. Tentatively scheduled for August 18 - September 11, 2021.

US Presidential Election Reporting Seminar: For mid-career journalists; study tour to report before, during and after the US presidential election from key states in the American electoral system. Tentatively scheduled for October 25 - November 7, 2020.


Seminars & Policy Dialogue

Senior and emerging political and business leaders as well as women entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors are offered various opportunities to focus on issues of regional concern in capacity-building and policy-oriented seminars.

Changing Faces Women’s Leadership Seminar: 12-day leadership development program for mid-career female business and social entrepreneurs from Asia, the Pacific Islands and the United States based at the East-West Center in Honolulu.  Successful candidates will have demonstrated leadership and innovation in their current and past positions as well as potential to affect change in their communities and influence others. Tentatively scheduled for June 6 - 19, 2021.

#galswithLEI Forum: offers six interactive workshops focused on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Inspiration followed by an attendee driven open space and a networking reception, which features local female chefs. Workshop panelists and special guests include local established women leaders, bold millennials, and the international Changing Faces women – blending experience, ambition, and passion. Tentatively scheduled for June 17, 2021. 

Other Projects


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