Analysis Overview


Asia Reacts to... highlights how Asian media are reacting to US politics, policy, and major events (on-line resource)

2016 Presidential Candidates on Asia (on-line resource)

Climate in Context: Science and Society Partnering for Adaptation (book)

Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment (expanded website)

International Criminal Justice and Southeast Asia: Approaches to Ending Impunity for Mass Atrocities (policy paper)

Asia Pacific Graduate EducatioL: Comparative Policies and Regional Developments (book)

A Prognosis of the Paris Agreement (commentary)

Factsheets: El Niño Impacts by Pacific Island and Sector (available for download)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership highlights (more on this site via key-word search)


Asia Matters for America: interactive website with analysis, data, and reporting on the importance of Asia to the United States at national, state, and local levels

Speeches and Talks: videos presenting analysis of critical issues in the US-Asia-Pacific region

Pacific Islands Report: daily news, analysis, and commentary from across Oceania

Publications: most available for free in PDF format

Featured Research Initiatives