Analysis Overview


Re-Naming the Waters: 'Southeast Asia Sea' or 'South Sea'? (commentary)

UN Expert Group on Policy Responses to Low Fertility (19 policy briefs)

Implications of the US-Philippines Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (policy brief) cited by the Philippine Supreme Court in its January 12 ruling on the Agreement

2016 Presidential Candidates On Asia (on-line resource)

Women and Leadership Around the World (publication)

2015: A Year of US-China Competition and Cooperation (commentary)

El Niño Strengthens in the Pacific: Preparing for the Impacts of Drought (publication )

Factsheets: El Niño Impacts by Island and Sector (available for download)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership


Asia Matters for America: interactive website with analysis, data, and reporting on the importance of Asia to the United States at national, state, and local levels

Presentation Videos: videos presenting analysis of critical issues in the US-Asia-Pacific region

Pacific Islands Report: daily news, analysis, and commentary from across Oceania

Publications: many available for free in PDF format

Featured Research Initiatives

  • Mapping Forest Dynamics after 25 Years of Community Management in the Middle Hills of Nepal

    Since the 1980s, has gained worldwide recognition for path-breaking achievements in community forest management. The  impact of Nepal's innovative system of forest management has not been documented, however, in part due to the difficulty of mapping forest cover in mountainous environments. The East-West Center has initiated a multi-disciplinary research program seeking to quantify the rate and extent of Nepal’s forest transition and identify associated socioeconomic variables.

  • Economic Policy Issues: Joint Project with the Korea Development Institute

    The East-West Center and the Korea Development Institute (KDI) have collaborated for more than 30 years in the publication of an annual series of studies on economic policy. Topics in recent years have included international financial regulations, social policy, and the global economic crisis.

  • Community-Building Activities on China's Internet

    Focussing on the messaging app, WeChat, a mobile application that has grown to include more than 400 million active Chinese users, research considers how the formation of small virtual communities is affecting the course of Chinese social, political, and economic development.