Palau, Guam Climate Change Reports Launch Pacific Regional Series

The PIRCA partnership of government, NGO, and research entities releases reports forecasting higher temperatures, stronger storms, coral reef loss, and other effects.

Six US government officials from USAID, Congress, USINDOPACOM, and the Department of State speak on the Pacific Islands
Special Event: US-Pacific Islands Partnership Featuring US Government Officials

NOW ONLINE: Key officials engaged in US relations with the Pacific Islands discuss expanding engagement in the region from development, military, and congressional policy perspectives.

FSM President David W. Panuelo on Critical Pacific Issues

President Panuelo talks Pacific regionalism, climate change, and more in this EWC Insights analysis in the East-West Wire.

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EWC Pandemic Response

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Is North Korea Entering a Dangerous New Period of Brinkmanship?

South Koreans watch a newscast of Kim Jong-un.Following the reported killing of a South Korean official, observer Marcus Noland writes: "While the horrifying particulars could not be foreseen, the notion that North Korea would engage in provocations in the run-up to the US election was entirely predictable. What remains to be seen is whether the provocations will dramatically grow afterward."

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[video link] Webinar: The United States’ Enhanced & Enduring Commitment to the Pacific Islands Region
US Enhanced Commitment to the Pacific
[video link] Webinar: Celebrate Micronesia Festival 2020
Celebrate Micronesia Festival 2020
[video link] Webinar: Asia Perspectives on Future Relations as America Votes
Asia Perspectives as America Votes

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