Frequently Asked Questions


Transportation and Parking


1. How do I get to the East-West Center from the airport ?


  • By Taxi (approximately $30 - $35) Tell the driver to take you to the East-West Center located on the University of Hawaii campus.
  • By car: Directions are available on the internet:
  • From: Honolulu International Airport, 300 Rodgers Blvd, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819


To: Hale Manoa -- 1711 East-West Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96848


To: Hale Kuahine -- 1811 East-West Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96848


To: Lincoln Hall -- 1821 East-West Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96848


As you enter the University of Hawaii campus via East-West Road, all East-West Center buildings are on the right in the following order: John A. Burns Hall, Hale Halawai, Hale Manoa, Imin Conference Center, Hale Kuahine and Lincoln Hall.


  2. I am driving to campus, is there parking available?


Parking at the East-West Center is administered by the University of Hawaii Parking Office:


  • Visitor parking is available on the Upper Campus at green Pay-to-Park visitor stalls and in the two Lower Campus parking structures.  Guests may park adjacent to the dormitories for loading/unloading purposes, but vehicles must not be left unattended.  
  • Lincoln Hall residents may qualify for a temporary parking pass ($6.00 per day). Normally, it takes several working days for the UH Parking Office to process parking pass requests. Arrangements should be made in advance by contacting the Housing Office during regular working hours.
    Hale Manoa and Hale Kuahine residents or guests do not qualify for temporary passes and must apply for parking through established UH visitor or student parking permit procedures.   


  3. Is there bus services on campus?





Housing Accommodations, Facilities and Services


 1. Describe the facilities and what is available in each room?



  2. Who is eligible for East-West Center housing?



 3. Do you have facilities for families with children?


  • Lincoln Hall is the only facility in which children accompanied by parents may reside.


 4. What are your front desk hours?


  • The Hale Manoa desk is open 24 hours. (Telephone: 808-944-7960)
  • Lincoln Hall desk hours are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Telephone: 808-944-7816)


 5. I’m arriving after the Lincoln Hall desk closes. Where do I check-in?


  • After hour check-ins are handled at Hale Manoa.


  6. Can I make long distance calls from my room?


  • EWC room telephones cannot access the operator by dialing  "0" However, room telephones can connect to toll-free "1-800" numbers. Long distance calls can be placed from your room by using a major credit card or a prepaid long distance telephone card.


  7. Is there internet access in the rooms?


  • WiFi is available in all rooms and apartments.


  8. What laundry and other type of vending machines are available?


  • coin operated washers and dryers (laundry detergent sold in laundry rooms) -- all buildings.
  • soft drink machines-- all buildings.
  • candy and food machines -- Hale Manoa


  9. Where can I buy meals?


  • The East-West Center does not have a food service operation, but food/dining facilities are available on the adjacent University of Hawaii campus.


 10. Are the rooms air conditioned?


  • There is no air conditioning in residential rooms. Hale Manoa and Hale Kuahine rooms are provided with table fans. Lincoln Hall units have ceiling fans.


  11. The East-West Health Clearance form requires tuberculosis testing. Please clarify your requirements and where can I get a tuberculin (TB) skin test?



  • Residents staying more than 30 days are required to submit a Health Clearance form. The University of Hawaii Health Services Medical Certificate is also acceptable.
  • TB skin test (PPD/Mantoux) results must be submitted within two weeks of arrival at the East-West Center.
  • A negative TB skin test administered in the United States up to one year prior to arrival is acceptable.
  • If the TB test is positive, a follow-up chest x-ray is required.
  • Skin tests or x-rays from abroad are not accepted.


The University of Hawaii Health Services office, located across the street from the East-West Center's Hale Manoa dormitory, provides TB skin tests at a nominal cost. The State of Hawaii's Lanakila Health Center provides chest x-rays at no charge.



 12. Is smoking permitted in residential rooms?


  • Smoking is not permitted in any East-West Center buildings, including residential rooms and apartments.