East-West Center in Washington enhances US engagement and dialogue with the Asia-Pacific region through access to the programs and expertise of the Center and policy relevant research, publications and outreach activities, including those of the US Asia-Pacific Council.

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Upcoming Events 

September 26: The Significance of Indonesian’s Counter-terrorism Policy to the US Global War on Terrorism featuring Dr. Abubakar Eby Hara , Visiting Fellow, East-West Center in Washington and Dr. Peter Chalk, Adjunct Political Scientist, RAND Corporation. (12:00pm - 01:30pm) - A light luncheon will be served. Registration for this program is now closed. It will be webcast LIVE starting at 11:55AM EST on September 26. Click HERE to join the live stream.

September 27: America’s 2016 Election Debate on Asia Policy and Asian Reactions featuring Dr. Satu Limaye , Director, East-West Center in Washington and Dr. Robert Sutter , Professor, George Washington University. (12:00pm - 02:00pm) - A light luncheon will be served. This event will be live broadcast. 

September 28: Beauty is a Wound: The Historical Context of Indonesian Author Eka Kurniawan's Latest Novel featuring Mr. Eka Kurniawan, Author and H.E. Robert Pringle, The United States-Indonesia Society. (12:00pm - 01:30pm) - A light luncheon will be served. This event will be live broadcast.

September 28: Explaining America’s Response to the Rise of China and India featuring Manjeet Pardesi , Visiting Fellow, East-West Center in Washington. (02:30pm - 04:00pm) This event will be off-the-record.

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Recent Publications

US-Japan Relations and Southeast Asia: Meeting Regional Demands US-Japan Relations and Southeast Asia: Meeting Regional Demands

Until recently, Southeast Asia had not been a region of sustained focus for the US-Japan relationship. But the situation is changing. The international relations of the Asia-Pacific is becoming more "multipolarized." In light of these changes, the East-West Center in Washington (EWCW), in collaboration with the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA), and through the support of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF), initiated a dialogue with Southeast Asians about their perspectives on how the US-Japan relationship and alliance could or should approach cooperation with the region. Read the full report here.

The Asia Matters for America Initiative and US-Asia Relations 

Dr. Satu Limaye, Director of the East West Center in Washington, has written a article in the Winter 2013 edition of Education About Asia, a publication focusing on the "Cyber Asia and the New Media." In his article, "The Asia Matters for America Initiative and US-Asia Relations", Dr. Limaye explains the many educational uses of the Asia Matters for America initiative for both students and educators.

Indonesian Islam: Neither White Knight nor Damsel in Distress

Benjamin Nathan, former researcher at the East-West Center in Washington, explains that “The same factors that limit the usefulness of Indonesian Islam as a counterweight to extremist groups in the Middle East apply with equal strength to attempts by extremist groups in the Middle East to make inroads in Indonesia.” Read more...

Democracy and the Legitimacy of Indonesia’s Counter-terrorism Policy

Abubakar Eby Hara, Asia Studies Visiting Fellow at the East-West Center in Washington, explains that “Indonesia demonstrates that in battling terrorism democracy and serious efforts to gain legitimacy from the people before taking action are still necessary as part of a grand narrative to counter ISIL.” Read more...

Expanded CUES: A Worthwhile Idea but Challenging Exercise?

Swee Lean Collin Koh, Research Fellow at the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies in Singapore, explains that “The increasing activities of irregular maritime forces in the South China Sea…mean that an expanded CUES, though possible, will face an arduous and challenging road ahead.” Read more...

Fiscal Deficit and Fiscal Reform in Japan

Taro Ohno, Associate Professor at Shinshu University in Japan, explains that “Japan will continue to face daunting fiscal challenges in the years ahead, and thus finding the most effective and equitable fiscal policy should be a top priority for the Japanese government.” Read more...

The East-West Center is proud to participate in the 38 North Network, a new and distinctive website, established at the U.S.-Korea Institute at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University, which provides a new forum for informed commentary and discussion on DPRK- (North Korea) related issues.