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Applications for the Winter 2019 Congressional Staff Program on Asia are now OPEN! 

Apply by 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, January 31st!  

We are pleased to announce that applications are open for the Winter 2019 cohort of the Congressional Staff Program on Asia (CSPA), which will commence soon after the inauguration of the 116th Congress. This bipartisan educational certificate program provides Capitol Hill staff members with an opportunity to engage U.S. officials and leading experts on a range of contemporary, policy-relevant topics in U.S.-Indo-Pacific relations, and expand their network of congressional colleagues, officials, and experts. We are now accepting applications from interested congressional staff for the new cohort, and look forward to welcoming a strong pool of candidates.

Key Program Elements:

• A semester-long certificate program consisting of a series of eight, one-hour discussions, held weekly at a Capitol Hill location. Certificates of Completion will be awarded to participants who attend a minimum of six of the eight sessions.

• Each session will feature a single theme/topic, and include speakers from government agencies, think tanks, universities, and other policy institutions.

• Session topics will cover issues with implications for congressional consideration and action, and include: Managing the U.S.-Japan Alliance; Great Power Competition with China; Alliances and Force Posture in the Indo-Pacific; Korean Peninsula Issues; South China Sea, ASEAN, and Southeast Asia; Trade and Investment Competition in the Indo-Pacific; Democracy and Human Rights in U.S.-Indo-Pacific Relations; and U.S.-India and Indo-Pacific relations.

Eligibility Information for Applicants :

• Applicants must be current congressional staff, employed by either a member of congress or congressional committee, and can come from either chamber or party. No previous Indo-Pacific expertise is required.

• The deadline to apply is 11:59 PM EST Thursday, January 31st, 2019.

For queries related to the program or application, please contact Mr. Ross Tokola at, or at 202-327-9762.