EWC Specialists on the Asia Pacific Region

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Senior Leadership Education Specialist, Education Program
Area of Expertise:

Leadership education and training; Indigenous models of leadership in Asia Pacific; Adversity, crisis and resilience

Senior Education Fellow, Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership
Area of Expertise:

International education and higher education policy; Indonesian history and society; Southeast Asian regional history

Adjunct Senior Fellow, EWC in Washington
Area of Expertise:

US foreign policy and policymaking; Asia Pacific regionalism; Asia Pacific trade and investment policy issues and trends; Pacific Islands economic development

Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Land use/land cover change in Pacific islands; Island biodiversity conservation; Climate change adaptation and coupled human-environmental vulnerability; Complex, dynamic systems modeling

Adjunct Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Sherry P. Broder concentrates in complex civil litigation – trials, appeals, class actions, personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, international law, ocean law, environmental law, human rights, and rights of Native Hawaiians and other indigenous people.

Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Infectious disease and behaviorial epidemiology, risk behaviors and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and STDs in Asia and the Pacific; Public policy for HIV/AIDS prevention and care; International collaboration on health issues, children and HIV/AIDS; Modeling of HIV/AIDS transmission and impacts.

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Education Program
Area of Expertise:

Internationalizing American curriculum; Asian and Pacific undergraduate studies; Asian film; Hawaiian history and politics.

Adjunct Fellow, Office of External Affairs
Area of Expertise:

U.S.-Myanmar relations; regional economic trends, leveraging the private sector for poverty alleviation, the role of women and education in economic development strategy, and the process of transformational learning in the Asian context.

Arts Program Coordinator, Arts Program
Area of Expertise:

Performing and visual arts of Asia and the Pacific; East Asian music and culture

Senior Fellow and Director, Asia Pacific Governance and Democracy Initiative (AGDI), Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Democratic governance, urban management, civil society engagement, and electoral and parliamentary processes, civil service reform, and anti-corruption strategies

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Family and Gender Issues; Fertility and Reproductive Health; Policy Implications of Low Fertility; Health Transition in East and Southeast Asia; Statistical Analysis of Demographic Process

Director, Professional Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Disaster management and humanitarian assistance programs; Policy and institutions in support of sustainable national and regional development; Social, cultural and environmental impacts of large-scale resource development

Adjunct Senior Fellow and Director, Asian International Justice Initiative, East-West Center.
Area of Expertise:

Legal history, international humanitarian law, war crimes trials; human rights.

Special Advisor for International Programs and Partnerships, Office of the President
Area of Expertise:

International development and economics, international relations, gender and women’s economic empowerment, banking, and access to finance

Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

China’s industrial and innovation policies and their impact on the U.S. economy; Global production networks and R&D internationalization in high-tech industries and Asia’s emerging knowledge economies; Comparative study of intellectual property rights regimes and standardization policies in Asia (especially China) and the United States

Adjunct Fellow, Research Program, East-West Center
Area of Expertise:
  • health economics
  • health systems and policy
  • health financing
  • health workforce
  • global health policy
Adjunct Arts Specialist, Arts Program
Area of Expertise:

Performing and visual arts of Asia and the Pacific Islands; Music in social and cultural context

Director, Pacific Islands Development Program (PIDP)
Area of Expertise:

Globalization and sustainable development in the Pacific islands; Policy analysis; Development planning

Senior Fellow, Research Program
412.683.2300 ext.4279
Area of Expertise:

Cognitive, emotional, and socio-psychological factors affecting human judgment and decision making; Cultural values and the perception of environmental and health risks; Climate change risk perception and communication

Director, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Land cover/land-use change in Southeast Asia; Forest fragmentation and degradation; Community-based management of natural resources in South and Southeast Asia

Senior Advisor, EWC in Washington
Area of Expertise:

Asian economic trends and their security implications; Asian regionalism; Prospects for the US re-balancing strategy; roles of ASEAN, China, Japan, and India in the region

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Challenges of climate change for Asian cities; Regional impacts of climate and environmental change and adaptation policies; Population, urbanization and development in Asia

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Pacific Islands Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Sustainable development in the Pacific; Development finance, trade and fisheries; Conflict management

Dean, Education Program
Area of Expertise:
International Education Fellowships; International Student Program Administration; Cultural and Educational Exchange Programs; English as an International Language; English Language Training (ELT)
Seminar Program Specialist, East-West Seminars
Area of Expertise:

International education and training, building Asia Pacific regional knowledge and networks among young leaders and journalists, women’s entrepreneurship and leadership development, Pakistan-US relations and media environment in Pakistan

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

China’s political and economic transformation; China’s foreign trade and foreign investment policy; China’s automobile industry development and telecom policy

Co-Director, Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP)
Area of Expertise:

Education and development in Asia; Higher education reform; Politics of educational planning and practice

Director, Asian Studies Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Globalization and Comparative Higher Education; Contemporary Buddhist Thought; Ethics and Social Justice; Cultural Diversity

Spatial Information Technology Specialist, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

GIS, remote sensing, land use and land cover change

Adjunct Fellow, Pacific Islands Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Development, Governance, Natural Resource Development, Conflicts, Conflict Resolution, Post-conflict Development, Solomon Islands.