EWCA Chapter Development Funds



The EWC Office of Alumni Engagement (OAE) is focusing on efforts to increase the recruitment, retention and engagement of EWCA members. OAE invites chapter leaders and EWCA members to join in this effort by submitting a proposal application.

The Center is at a pivotal moment in reasserting its relevance to the region. The Center’s mission of "building better relations and understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific" is needed as much now as 60 years ago. The alumni network is key to helping the Center define, uphold and communicate its role in the region. By investing in the 50 EWCA chapters with new funds, the Center seeks to recognize the incredible dedication of long-time alumni leaders and encourage more alumni to connect and innovate through the chapters.

One chapter member (applicant) will be the key contact and person responsible for managing the finances and ensuring proposed activities and required deliverables are completed. This person is responsible to rally the support of other alumni to reach the goals. The team must include alumni from a diversity of EWC programs, decades, genders, and professional sectors.

Amount provided is 2,500 USD. If done in collaboration with another Chapter, the amount can be increased to 3,000 USD per Chapter. Both chapters must indicate the collaboration partnership in their applications. Half of funds are provided mid-way through the working period, the remainder at completion of deliverables. Funding is provided as a contract to the applicant for time and effort taken to achieve targets and complete deliverables, not to cover specific costs. 

Funds will be distributed on a rolling basis until May 1.

April 5 – Applications Open

April 8 – Launch event with Tips for Applicants: 4:00pm (HST) Livestream (and recording) at https://www.facebook.com/EWCAlumni

April 15 – Applications reviewed and selected on a rolling basis

May 1 – Application final deadline

As soon as application accepted and contract signed until October 1 – Working Period

October 1 – Deliverables completed and communicated to EWC OAE staff

The specific activities must be determined by the applicant along with chapter members and meet the following TARGETS:

  1. Further the East-West Center mission of "building better relations and understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific"
  2. Involve 20% of current, active members (based on chapter info provided)
  3. Include 10% new members (based on number of current, active chapter members provided)
  4. Diversify chapter membership (program attended, generation, professional sector)
  5. Promotion of Activities:
  • Pre-messaging and broad advertisement; include at least one social media post before
  • Event messaging - Documentation of activities with photos and 3-minute video, use in at least one social media post during
  • Post-Messaging about activities to public, use photos/video and quotes from participants for at least one social media post afterwards
  • Promote EWC in all messaging using proper EWC logo provided by OAE staff


The following are the deliverables. Preference given to applicants who can complete all.

  • Attend EWC Programs Overview session – get the latest information on what’s happening at EWC so that you can accurately and persuasively present and promote to the public and alumni about how to apply, join events, access information, use resources or otherwise engage with EWC
  • Host an Information session for 10% of all alumni in the chapter’s region + the public (non-alumni) based on what is learned at the EWC Program Overview (minimum 10 attendees). EWC OAE staff can be invited to support
  • Reach out to all new alumni from 2020 and 2021. Invite them to activities (described below) and offer to connect them with current alumni or others in their area of interest. List provided by OAE staff
  • Reach out to 2021 incoming fellows or participants, including from degree, non-degree/professional development and other programs before their program begins. List provided by OAE staff
  • Co-host a session and provide support as requested for the 2021 EWC/EWCA Virtual Conference in July 2021
  • Document, report and post on all of the above plus activities described below including photos, videos and quotes/testimonials. Include this in Chapter’s quarterly report
  • Invite EWC staff, including EWC Office of Alumni Engagement, to all relevant initiative activities
  • Use evaluation tools provided by OAE at April 14th 4:00pm session (April 9 AM in Asia)
  • Complete the Activities that you describe and ensure they meet 4 Targets listed above
  • Submit final impact report using template provided by OAE by October 1, 2021


To apply, submit the EWCA Chapter Development Funds Application form by May 1, 2021. If you prefer to submit a fillable pdf application form, click here and email to alumni@eastwestcenter.org.

Questions?  Contact the Office of Alumni Engagement by email at alumni@eastwestcenter.org or phone 1-808-944-7506.