The East-West Center Association (EWCA) is an international network of professionals who have a past affiliation with the East-West Center. There are no membership fees or other requirements to participate in the EWCA.  View the current EWCA Executive Board Officers and Members and EWCA Strategic Plan.

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EWCA Online Communities





The EWCA maintains 3 online communities:


East-West Center Community



EWCA LinkedIn Group



EWCA Facebook Page






EWCA Publications





The EWCA has 2 main publications:



Alumni eNews

EWCA Associates Update Archives (available as PDF files)





EWCA Member Benefits





EWCA Alumni receive discounts on EWC accommodations, discounts on registration fees, EWC library privileges, online directories of EWC Alumni, and are eligible for awards. View benefits and privileges.







EWCA Student Services





The EWCA provides a variety of services and support for current EWC students, including scholarships, recruiting, mentoring, networking, and travel grants.  View services offered to EWC students.







EWCA Alumni Chapters





There are 50 EWCA Alumni Chapters throughout Asia Pacific and the United States. They share the goal of supporting the Center in broadening its outreach throughout the region.  Chapters facilitate professional networking through a variety of activities including informal get-togethers, community, service projects, seminars, lectures, and workshops.




Contact Information

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Phone: (808) 944-7506
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