Alumni/Associates Benefits and Privileges

Welcome to the East-West Center Association (EWCA)!

With your participation in an East-West Center activity, you are considered an East-West Center Associate and member of the EWCA. We welcome you and hope you will continue to support the East-West Center’s mission and outreach in the region.

You are joining the ranks of more than 65,000 men and women who have participated in EWC activities for over six decades. Many of our associates are in key positions in education, government, business, media, and other professions. This extensive network is one of our greatest resources.

The East-West Center’s associate organization, the EWCA, has 50 chapters throughout the United States, Asia and the Pacific. As an associate, you are automatically a member of the EWCA and you can also choose to join a local EWCA chapter. Through your chapter involvement, you can open up even more rewarding opportunities for yourself.

View/download EWCA membership brochure

We look forward to hearing about your new experiences and ask that you keep us informed of your work, your accomplishments, and your whereabouts. Please help us keep in touch by making sure we have your current contact information. You can access the East-West Community to update your information online at and to stay abreast of alumni activities, visit the EWCA Announcements and News webpage at



A Global Network

With more than 65,000 alumni and associates around the world, the East-West Center has one of the largest networks of professionals working to advance international cooperation and understanding between the East and West. As part of that network, you can receive advice and support from associates throughout the region. As an alumni/associate you may join any one of the nearly 50 EWC alumni chapters in Asia, the Pacific and the U.S. While traveling, you can also contact local chapters for assistance in making contacts with colleagues and friends.

Alumni E-newsletter and EWCA Blog

The Alumni E-newsletter will be emailed to you to keep you up-to-date with developments at the center and our large family of EWC alumni/associates around the world. Make sure we have your current email so you are on our email list.  You may update your email address and contact information at anytime at  On the EWCA Blog you will find articles and updates from EWC current participants, Alumni and Community. Please make sure to visit it at

Associates Webpage

Our EWC Alumni website includes information on EWCA events and chapters throughout the region. You can find our website at The website provides the latest information about conferences, student services, member benefits, scholarship and more.

EWCA Online Communities

The EWC maintains 4 main online networks to keep Alumni, Associates and Friends of the East-West Center communicating with each other. Join our EWCA Online Networks at

EWCA International and Regional Conferences

EWCA International Conferences are held every few years in major cities around the world. In addition, regional conferences are organized. These conferences offer an important and unique forum for professional interchange and networking. They bring together people from all professional sectors and intellectual perspectives to advance international understanding and cooperation. It is also a place where old friends meet and new friendships are forged. Past EWCA international and regional conferences have been held in Singapore (1983), Bali (1988), Yogjakarta (1989), Bangkok (1991), Auckland (1992), Southern California (1994), New Delhi (1997), Manila (1999), Honolulu (2000), Malaysia (2002), Tokyo (2004), New Delhi (2005), Vietnam (2006), Bali (2008), Honolulu (2010), Beijing (2012), Okinawa (2014), and Manila (2016).  The next international conference will be held in Seoul, Korea in 2018.

Housing at EWC

Associates receive discounts on accommodations at any of the three EWC housing facilities: Lincoln Hall, Hale Manoa and Hale Kuahine. Advanced reservations are necessary. For more information, please contact the Housing Office at (808) 944-7805 or

Library Privileges for Alumni/Associates

Associates living in Hawaii may borrow circulating books and documents from the EWC Research Information Services collection for up to one month. Visiting associates may also borrow these materials for a month or the duration of their stay in the islands, whichever is shorter.

Eligibility for the East-West Center Distinguished Alumni Award

You may be recognized by your colleagues in the EWC community worldwide for your professional achievements and contributions to further East-West understanding and cooperation. For more information, go to website