Past East-West Center Events


This is a listing of older East-West Center events (newer listed first). See Events to get the list of current or upcoming events.

NAME Location Start Date
Lei Aloha: Jon, Jamaica & Duncan Osorio, Robert Cazimero and Kuana Torres

Join us this Friday, 12 noon - 1 pm Hawaii Time (6-7 pm US Eastern Time) on YouTube and Facebook...

YouTube and Facebook Live October 23, 2020
The South China Sea: China, Southeast Asia and Maritime Security

The South China Sea is one of the most important strategic corridors in the world: it is a crucial...

Online October 21, 2020
26th Canadian Conference on Global Health in a Changing Climate

Building on the closing plenary in 2019, the 26th Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH)...

Online October 21, 2020
The Benefits of Strategic Trade Control Implementation for Southeast Asia

The East-West Center in Washington invites you to the60 Minutes for the EWC 60th Anniversary...

Zoom Webinar October 20, 2020
The Exchange: Indigenous-based Resource Management

THE EXCHANGE Fall 2020 (Conservation & Preservation: A Symphony of Perspectives on Nature...

Zoom Webinar October 19, 2020
2020 North Pacific Arctic Conference Virtual: Will Great Power Politics Threaten Arctic Sustainability?

The North Pacific Arctic Conference (NPAC), now in its tenth year, provides a venue for...

Zoom Meeting October 19, 2020
Reframing the Futures of Smart Cities in a Post-Pandemic World

The EWC Smart Cities Initiative is partnering with Cities Today Institute to assist city leaders...

Invitation only October 14, 2020
Music Tradition, and the Politics of Sound

This panel discussion is the fifth in the 2020 Barbara B. Smith Webinar Series which runs June-...

Zoom Meeting October 10, 2020
The Burden

The Burden, award-winning documentary Film screening, panel to highlight military's climate...

Zoom Webinar October 10, 2020
The Future of US-China-Hong Kong Relations and Media Challenges

The East-West Center and South China Morning Post Present: The Future of US-China-Hong Kong...

Zoom Webinar October 06, 2020
The Exchange: Technology for Preservation and Conservation

THE EXCHANGE Fall 2020 (Conservation & Preservation: A Symphony of Perspectives on Nature...

Zoom Webinar October 05, 2020
EWC Board of Governors Virtual Public Meeting

The East-West Center Board of Governors will be holding a virtual public meeting on ...

Zoom October 05, 2020
Climate Change Impacts in Hawai'i

EWC Research Fellow Dr. Victoria Keener joins a distinguished Hawai'i Book and Music Festival&...

Online October 03, 2020
East-West Center Funding & Program Info Session

East-West Center (EWC) student programs support UH Mānoa graduate students from over 40...

Online (via Zoom) October 01, 2020
Science Diplomacy: A Crucible for Turning the Tide in the South China Sea

The East-West Center in Washington invites you to theIndo-Pacific Virtual Seminar Series: Science...

Zoom Webinar September 30, 2020